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Autumn represents one thing magical and profound within the standard creativeness. It’s a time of transition and symbolizes maturity and prosperity. On this publish, we discover all issues fall. Learn on to seek out out why autumn is an superior season.

Autumn Definition

What does the phrase autumn imply? It’s derived, at the very least partially, from the Latin phrase auctumnus. This phrase suggests the passing of time, in addition to coldness and dryness. The Latin phrase auctus additionally hints at a way of lots.

The phrase fall is a nod to the falling of the leaves throughout the third season of the yr.


Relying on the place you reside, the surroundings can remodel exquisitely throughout this season. Mom Nature waves her wand and deciduous bushes change the colours of their garments from greens to yellows and reds earlier than shedding them altogether. 

In the meantime, the reducing temperatures nudge individuals to do the other. Sweaters and coats return to closets, and warmly spiced drinks come out to play.

Autumn Traditions

Rather a lot occurs throughout fall, each within the pure world and in city environments. Animals might migrate to milder places, for instance. 

And earlier than autumn grew to become extensively utilized in English within the 14th century, the time between summer season and winter was known as ‘harvest’. This was as a result of farming societies in locations like Europe had been within the interval of reaping the fruits of their labor. 

The sensation of pleasure that accompanied the harvest spilled over into quite a few autumn traditions. Hayrides, apple and pumpkin selecting, and corn maze adventures are quintessential fall actions. Thanksgiving is a permanent U.S. vacation and Halloween, arguably America’s favourite vacation, additionally occurs throughout fall.

In different areas of the world, the next festivals happen throughout October and November:

  • Oktoberfest
  • Diwali
  • Dia de los Muertos
  • Man Fawkes Night time

Enjoyable Truth!

Some locations expertise what known as an Indian summer season throughout autumn. This can be a final bout of very heat climate earlier than temperatures plummet in winter.

Autumn Allergy symptoms 

Turning on heaters in autumn can result in you being affected by mud mites.

Between August and October, ragweed can be a serious wrongdoer of fall allergic reactions. This flowering plant’s pollen carries on the wind to far-flung locations. In the event you are likely to get seasonal allergic reactions throughout spring, ragweed will seemingly remind you that the seasons are altering throughout autumn. 

The damp leaves that gather in your yard throughout autumn may cause mould to develop. It’s a good suggestion to put on a masks once you rake these leaves to forestall signs comparable to sneezing, watery eyes and a runny nostril.

Key Takeaway

Autumn is an incredible season awash in magnificence and wealthy in symbolism and custom. However allergic reactions can get you down. Fortunately, there are instruments to fight allergens and airborne pollution, and pure treatments to assist your trigger.


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