Airfree’s Distinctive TSS Air Sterilizing System: An Efficient Answer Towards Airborne Pathogens


Airfree’s Distinctive TSS Air Sterilizing System: An Superior, Upkeep-Free Answer Towards Airborne Pathogens, Together with New COVID-19 Strains and the Flu


Airfree’s TSS (Thermodynamic Sterilizing System) air sterilizing know-how marks a big development in air purification. This progressive system distinguishes itself by incinerating microorganisms at a excessive temperature of 400 °F (200 °C), a course of efficient towards a variety of pathogens, together with the smallest and most dangerous viruses akin to the brand new COVID-19 strains and the flu. The effectivity of Airfree’s purifiers in destroying, not holding, these microorganisms as they go via the heated TSS ceramic core mini-ducts is unparalleled.


A standout function of Airfree’s purifiers is their potential to function with out transferring warmth to the encircling atmosphere. This ensures that the room temperature stays unaffected, offering consolation and security. Moreover, these units are maintenance-free, requiring no filter alternative or common cleansing, thereby providing a handy and cost-effective air purification resolution. Moreover, their silent operation ensures a noise-free atmosphere, supreme for each residence and workplace settings.


The effectiveness of Airfree air purifiers in destroying a broad spectrum of airborne pathogens, together with new variants of COVID-19 and the flu virus, is backed by intensive analysis from numerous biology laboratories and universities globally. These research, detailed on Airfree’s web site (, present stable proof of the TSS know-how’s efficacy.


In tackling the unfold of COVID-19 and its evolving strains, in addition to the flu, it’s necessary to know that these viruses primarily unfold via respiratory droplets and aerosols. Conventional HEPA air purifiers can seize bigger droplets, over 0.3 microns, however can’t filter smaller particles. In distinction, Airfree’s TSS know-how actively destroys viruses a lot smaller than 0.1 microns, providing a big benefit in air sanitation that no filter can match.


It’s essential to notice that air purifiers, together with Airfree’s fashions, usually are not full options for stopping the transmission of respiratory viruses like COVID-19 and the flu. Their effectiveness towards these viruses is determined by numerous elements, together with the precise mannequin, room measurement, variety of individuals current, and degree of viral publicity within the atmosphere.


For probably the most complete safety towards airborne pathogens, together with new COVID-19 strains and the flu, it’s advisable to make use of Airfree air purifiers alongside different preventative measures. These embody carrying masks, adhering to social distancing, and practising good hygiene. Integrating Airfree’s superior air purification know-how with these extra security measures can considerably improve safety towards viruses and different airborne pathogens, selling a more healthy, safer, and extra snug atmosphere.


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