Can Water Softeners Cut back TDS? Influence on Complete Dissolved Solids


Water softeners scale back the hardness of water and make exhausting water smooth.

However do water softeners scale back TDS (Complete Dissolved Solids) in water?

Water softeners don’t scale back the TDS degree of water.

On this weblog put up, you’ll study extra about how water softeners work and why they’ll’t scale back the TDS degree of water.

Understanding Water Softeners

Arduous water softeners are units designed to take away or scale back the focus of calcium and magnesium ions—the first contributors to water hardness.

The most typical kind of water softener makes use of ion alternate resin to swap calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions, successfully softening the water.

Whereas water softeners are extremely efficient in lowering hardness, their impression on TDS ranges is a topic of dialogue.

Why Water Softeners Do Not Cut back TDS?

Water softeners goal calcium and magnesium ions, which contribute considerably to water hardness.

As these ions are exchanged with sodium ions within the resin tank, the general hardness of the water decreases.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to notice that TDS encompasses numerous dissolved substances past calcium and magnesium.

Water softeners don’t take away all dissolved solids, resembling minerals, salts, or different impurities which will contribute to TDS.

The ion alternate course of in water softeners could contribute a small quantity of sodium to the water, thereby barely growing the TDS.

If TDS discount is your major concern, you must think about using reverse osmosis or distillation.

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In conclusion, water softeners successfully scale back water hardness by focusing on calcium and magnesium ions.

Whereas they might not lower TDS ranges, the discount in scale formation makes them a precious answer for households coping with exhausting water points.

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In case you are involved about excessive TDS ranges, different water remedy strategies, like Reverse Osmosis, must be thought-about at the side of or as a substitute for water softeners.


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