Maintain Your House Wholesome: Airfree Silently Destroys, Second By Second, Allergens, Poisonous Mould And Its Micro-toxins, And Even Antibiotic-resistant Viruses, Micro organism And Fungi.


Air high quality is a rising concern.


Airfree’s unique TSS (Thermodynamic Sterilizing System) expertise stands out for its capability to destroy germs of any dimension, together with these smaller than 0.3 micrometers, at 400°F, with out transferring warmth to the setting, all whereas remaining silent and maintenance-free, as there are not any filters to exchange.


Conventional HEPA air purifiers can not seize particles under 0.3 micrometers. For Airfree air purifiers, germs even smaller than 0.3 micrometers are extra simply incinerated.


The TSS expertise

As an alternative of forcing air by way of a filter to seize particles, which can or might not include germs, Airfree’s traditional gadgets use a patented ceramic core with dozens of vertical mini ducts. When the machine is turned on, these mini ducts warmth as much as 200°C in a matter of minutes.


Just like a chimney, the heated air within the mini ducts rises and attracts in contaminated air from the bottom. This initiates a silent, pure, and steady course of referred to as air convection. This course of offers fixed air sterilization at 400°F.


Airfree’s distinctive TSS expertise relies on easy and pure processes:


Excessive-Temperature Air Sterilization:

Allergens, poisonous mould and its micro-toxins, and even antibiotic-resistant viruses, micro organism and fungi are destroyed at 400°FG with out transferring warmth to the room.


Air Circulation And not using a Fan:

The warmth generated inside the vertical mini ducts creates air convection, which is ample to take care of the required air circulation and sterilization to maintain an indoor space clear and wholesome.



The TSS expertise 400°F warmth successfully destroys a variety of airborne threats, much like boiling water at 100°C.


Risky Natural Compounds (VOCs) and Particles:

In central city areas close to highways and industrial zones, a small portion of exterior air pollution infiltrates properties by way of doorways and home windows.

To take away these pollution, Airfree has created the Hybrid fashions that embody a singular capsule system to take away particles and VOCs. Merely activate the fan for only one to 2 hours a day to eradicate this air pollution. The capsules don’t take away microorganisms; they solely take away particles which will or might not include pollution.

For microorganisms, nothing competes with Airfree’s air purifiers 400°F air sterilizing warmth.


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