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The ingesting water that we get right this moment is flushed with hazardous chemical substances from the completely different water remedy vegetation. In consequence, the pure minerals current in water are taken away. In such a state of affairs, it’s important to make use of the right filtration processes to take away the contaminants and make water protected for consumption. The principle contaminant current in water is whole dissolved solids (TDS) which are left within the water after the conventional filtration course of. Contaminants which are bigger than 2 microns are termed as whole dissolved solids. A high quality filter typically removes particles which are 0.45 microns in measurement and originates from completely different sources. The remaining contaminants in water after the filtration course of include charged atoms and ions. Reasonable to excessive TDS in water not solely adjustments the style of water but in addition poses a whole lot of well being hazards. One of the crucial efficient methods to keep up the TDS stage is through the use of the main RO water air purifier in India. On this weblog, we talk about intimately the methods to take away extreme TDS current in water.

TDS stage in water

What’s TDS in Water?

Whole Dissolved Solids (TDS) in water are some natural and inorganic supplies, which embody minerals and ions which are dissolved in a selected amount in water. When water passes by stones, pipes or completely different surfaces, the particles are absorbed into the water. TDS in water can come from completely different sources reminiscent of minerals in chemical substances used for treating water, runoff from the street salts and chemical substances or fertilizers from the farms. Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, and Potassium cations, in addition to Carbonate, Hydrogen Carbonate, Chloride, Sulfate, and Nitrate anions, are generally probably the most outstanding constituents.

Why Do you Have to Measure Whole Dissolved Solids?

Testing the water is a good way to verify the standard of water that you simply obtain and use for various functions. Listed here are some causes you must measure TDS in water.

  • Style- Excessive ranges of TDS in water impacts the style of your ingesting water. Your water could style bitter, salty or sulfuric relying on the kind of dissolved solids current in water.
  • Well being Functions- Water with excessive TDS is totally protected to drink. Nonetheless, some substances reminiscent of lead, or copper can result in well being hazards.
  • Upkeep of Filters- Water filtration methods are affected by a excessive stage of TDS. Testing the water air purifier methods often will make sure that the filters work correctly
  • Cooking- Although excessive TDS doesn’t have an effect on well being, it might probably alter the style of your meals.
  • Cleansing- Excessive TDS in water leaves ugly spots in your utensils. This kind of water additionally fades the colour of your garments, result in a buildup in your sinks, tubs, and taps.
  • Plumbing and Home equipment- Excessive quantities of dissolved calcium and magnesium salts may cause scale to type in pipes and home equipment, decreasing their lifespan.The above are the explanations to measure whole dissolved solids in water.

Why do you Have to Measure TDS?

TDS Meter - To measure TDS level of water
TDS Meter – To measure TDS stage of water

The water that you simply obtain exceeds the utmost stage of TDS that must be current in water. Water that has a TDS stage of greater than 1000mg/L is unfit for consumption. A excessive stage of TDS in water can result in quite a few well being issues. The presence of potassium, sodium, chlorides will increase the TDS stage within the water. Nonetheless, the presence of poisonous ions reminiscent of lead, nitrate, cadmium, and arsenic current in water can result in quite a few critical well being issues. That is particularly vital for kids as a result of they’re much extra delicate to contaminants as a result of their protection methods haven’t absolutely developed. The purer the water, one will be assured of excellent well being. KENT supplies among the best water purifiers in India that include a TDS controller to make sure that the water you drink is protected for consumption.

Consuming Water TDS Chart

One of many vital questions that many individuals have of their minds what’s the acceptable TDS stage within the water. That can assist you out, we’re itemizing two tables which debate the palatability quotient and acceptable TDS stage.

TDS Degree in components per million(ppm) Palatability Quotient
Between 50-150 Glorious for ingesting
150-250 Good
250-300 Truthful
300-500 Poor
Above 1200 Unacceptable

Is low TDS water dangerous to Human Physique?

TDS current in water will not be a measure of any single contaminant and so is usually not regulated as a well being subject by many authorities businesses. A excessive TDS stage, nevertheless, can have an effect on the style and odour of water. The Environmental Safety Company within the US has set the most really useful stage of 500 milligrams per litre (mg/L).

The TDS stage in water will be decided with the assistance of a TDS meter. A TDS take a look at helps in figuring out the whole quantity of dissolved solids current in water. Nonetheless, it doesn’t determine any particular person compounds, the sources. In consequence, it’s important to conduct some extra exams to find out the contaminants current in water.

Furthermore, one can decide if the TDS stage in water is wholesome or unhealthy for the physique primarily based on the kind of salts and compounds launched in it. TDS is made up of a wide range of salts, minerals, and natural compounds, together with Calcium, Chlorides, Sulfates, Magnesium, Potassium, Carbonates, and Bicarbonates, amongst others. Whereas a few of these may provide a number of minerals to the physique, probably the most are deemed hazardous and should be filtered earlier than being consumed.

How A lot TDS in Water is Good For Well being

The desk talked about beneath supplies a permissible vary of TDS in ingesting water and causes for why the TDS stage talked about in water will not be acceptable for ingesting:

TDS Degree (Milligram/Litre) Remarks
Lower than 50 Unacceptable because it lacks important minerals
50-150 Acceptable for ingesting. The TDS stage is good for areas the place the water polluted by sewage or industrial waste
150-250 Good. The water is good for individuals with heart problems
250-350 Good. The water is good for individuals with heart problems
350-500 Pretty acceptable
500-900 Much less acceptable
900-1200 Least acceptable. Keep away from ingesting water which has a TDS stage of 900
1200-2000 Water will not be acceptable for ingesting.
Above 2000 Unacceptable


In keeping with the Bureau of Indian Requirements (BIS), the higher restrict of TDS stage in water is 500 ppm. The TDS stage really useful by WHO, nevertheless, is 300 ppm.

Methods to Cut back or Take away TDS in Water

TDS is decreased in the identical approach that Salt, Calcium hardness, Nitrates, and Cyanuric Acid are decreased. Learn on for extra particulars.

1. Reverse Osmosis (R.O.)

Reverse Osmosis removes TDS by forcing the water, below strain, by an artificial membrane. The membrane comprises microscopic pores which is able to permit solely molecules smaller than 0.0001 microns to cross by. Because the molecules of dissolved metals and salts are giant in comparison with the water molecules, water squeezes by the membrane leaving the metals and salts behind.

2. Distillation

The method entails boiling water to provide water vapor. The water vapor rises to a cool floor the place it’s condensed again into the liquid type. The dissolved salts are unable to vaporize and stay within the boiling answer.

3. Deionisation (DI)

On this course of, water is handed by a constructive and unfavorable electrode. The ion-selective membranes allow the constructive ions to separate from the water and transfer in the direction of the unfavorable electrode. The top result’s de-ionized water with excessive purity. Nonetheless, the water is first handed by a reverse osmosis unit first with a purpose to take away the non-ionic natural contaminants.

So, which Water Air purifier is greatest?

One of many vital elements that you must take into account when searching for a water air purifier is the TDS stage. Relying on the TDS stage, you must resolve whether or not you want an RO, UF or UV water air purifier. To make your work simple, right here’s a desk that may enable you perceive which water air purifier is good for a selected TDS stage.

TDS Degree Kind of Air purifier
0-200 UV Water Air purifier
200-300 RO+UV water air purifier
300-500 RO+UV+UF

Areas that obtain water with a really excessive TDS stage are really useful to make use of water purifiers that use a mix of RO+UV/UF with TDS Controller. The mixture of varied water purification applied sciences removes chemical, dissolved in addition to bodily impurities from water to make it appropriate for consumption.

Why Ought to You Preserve a Test on the TDS Degree?

Even after passing by a water filter, ingesting water could have excessive TDS, giving it a salty, harsh taste. Additionally, there are a selection of the explanation why you must verify the TDS stage within the water. A few of the causes are:

Style and well being

Excessive TDS stage alters the style of water and makes it salty, bitter, or metallic. Excessive TDS ranges additionally point out the presence of poisonous minerals which is hazardous for well being.


Excessive TDS makes water arduous, resulting in scale build-up in pipes, dry hair, spots on utensils and in addition make the kitchen home equipment ineffective. Checking the TDS stage of water helps you keep away from these issues beforehand.

Swimming pools and Spas

Swimming pools, in addition to spas, want to observe the TDS stage in water consistently to stop any upkeep downside.

Excessive TDS signifies the existence of dangerous substances and pollution. Arduous water is attributable to excessive TDS ranges, due to this fact in the event you’re utilizing a RO filter, be certain to match it with a water softener to make the water extra drinkable.

Final Few Phrases

Putting in the best water air purifier may help you in coping with excessive TDS stage within the water. Putting in an revolutionary RO water air purifier from KENT may help you monitor the TDS stage to make sure that you drink protected water. The RO water purifiers from KENT use a TDS controller as properly. Discover out extra in regards to the vary of KENT water purifiers and produce residence the one that matches your requirement.


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