Water Softener Vs. Water Air purifier – What’s The Distinction


Confusions are sure to happen with reference to something new you could come throughout in your life. It’s solely regular to not know the variations or similarities between sure issues.

And this is the reason now we have written this publish, to eliminate all of your doubts relating to water softeners and water purifiers. Every subheading eases you into the precise matter whereas additionally giving further details about the fundamentals of the variations between a water softener and a water air purifier.

What’s Onerous Water?

There are normally two kinds of water provides to every home in India. One is the extra widespread municipal water provide, and the much less widespread borewell water. The previous is normally the primary supply of water in cities and concrete areas, whereas the latter is mostly extra widespread in rural areas and unauthorized colonies.

If we are saying that the municipal water provide is comfortable water and borewell water is tough water, you’ll ask how I do know the distinction? Allow us to clarify.

The municipal water provide is primarily processed for ingesting. So, it undergoes varied processes to make it match for ingesting, that means any particulate matter and minerals are fully eliminated.

Within the borewell water provide, a groundwater pump provides us water straight from the groundwater desk with out processing. So, the water consists of many particles and minerals corresponding to calcium and magnesium in appreciable quantities.

Hard Water Chart

Relying on the realm you reside in, the groundwater high quality will be superb or very dangerous. No matter the extent of contamination, groundwater usually accommodates a excessive stage of dissolved solids and minerals.

The presence or absence of those minerals and dissolved solids is what makes your water arduous or comfortable.

Onerous water is just not thought-about match for each ingesting and every day chores like washing and bathing. How damaging can arduous water be, relies on the extent of hardness.

When coming in touch with cleaning soap or detergent for bathing or washing garments/flooring, respectively, the calcium and magnesium ions react with cleaning soap and detergent, forming calcium and magnesium residues. You’ll discover these residues as white light patches, which isn’t very interesting and positively doesn’t fulfill the aim of cleansing.

Water Softener Vs Water Air purifierWhat’s The Distinction

Water Softener

Water Air purifier

Best for Bathing, Cleansing

How Does Water Softening Works?

That is comparatively simple to know now that you’ve got understood the distinction between arduous and comfortable water.

There are a number of methods of changing arduous water to comfortable water however the most well-liked and simplest is ion change.

Ion-Exchange Water Softening

An Ion-exchange arduous water softener passes the arduous water by resin beads (usually widespread salt that you just use in your house). The negatively charged sodium ions within the ‘resin beads’ appeal to the positively charged mineral ions within the arduous water and bind the ions to themselves, leaving the water mineral-free.

Water Softening thus works on the above precept in changing arduous water to comfortable water.

How Does Water Purification Work?

Not like a water softener, a water air purifier, relying on purification phases, filters out not solely minerals however different impurities corresponding to grime, mud, sand, micro organism, viruses, chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, and different contaminants. A water air purifier is barely extra advanced in its working than a water softener as a result of it isn’t a single-step course of however includes a number of layers/phases of filtration.

In easy phrases, water purification is a two-step course of, of which the first is bodily filtration and the secondary is chemical filtration. Bodily filtration includes eradicating bodily contaminants like grime, mud, sand, and many others., whereas chemical filtration includes eradicating impurities, invisible to the bare eye, like micro organism, viruses, chemical impurities like chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, and different dissolved solids.

Does a Water Softener Purify Water?

No. A water softener doesn’t purify water. It is a widespread false impression, however there may be an evident distinction between the functioning of each.

As defined above, the 2 water-related machines carry out totally different features in treating water. A water softener solely reduces the hardness of water however can not filter out seen and invisible impurities like a water air purifier.

Therefore, a tough water softener can not purify water.

When Do You Want a Water Softener?

The science behind a water softener turns arduous water into comfortable water by eradicating minerals: calcium and magnesium from it. You must use a water softener for residence if –

  • you wish to make the water match for every day chores like bathing, cleansing, washing garments and utensils.
  • you wish to avoide harm to your tub fittings and residential home equipment like washing machines, water heaters, dishwashers, and many others.

Briefly, you want a water softener to make water match for all every day makes use of besides ingesting.

When Do You Want a Water Air purifier?

If the water equipped to your space is contaminated and unfit for ingesting, you want a water air purifier.

With a number of phases of purification and several types of filters and membranes, a water air purifier filters out all seen and invisible impurities and presents you freshly cleaned and secure ingesting water.

Can I Use Each Interchangeably?

No. A water softener does the conversion of arduous to comfortable water. Alternatively, a water air purifier treats bodily and chemical pollution/adulterants.

One can not exchange the opposite as their functioning rules are totally different. Subsequently, you can not use each interchangeably.


We’re positive by now you have got understood the distinction between a water softener and a water air purifier. The detailed descriptions and FAQs would have cleared any doubts or misunderstandings you had about both or each of them.

So now, with this readability, you should purchase the one which most accurately fits your necessities.

All the perfect! Thanks for studying!


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