Unfiltered Faucet Water and Excessive Medical Bills: Is There a Hyperlink?


Take into consideration how a lot you’ve spent on healthcare over the past yr. A whole lot? 1000’s? Or possibly you’ve misplaced monitor? What if somebody advised you your faucet water might have contributed to that quantity? You’d most likely be skeptical, however analysis reveals hyperlinks between unfiltered consuming water and short- and long-term well being points.

And not using a dependable protection in opposition to contaminants in faucet water, they’ll proceed invading your water provide undetected and improve your threat of assorted well being issues. Not solely can these circumstances undermine your high quality of life, however they will additionally inflate your medical bills.

Find out how contaminated faucet water might increase healthcare prices and why water filters could also be a sensible answer to decrease medical payments.

The Hyperlink Between Tainted Faucet Water and Larger Healthcare Prices in America

Ever discover that you simply or your family members maintain getting sick randomly? At some point, your child catches a nasty abdomen bug, and the subsequent, you’re battling painful complications, vomiting, or related issues. Whereas it’s simple to chalk these shock diagnoses as much as unhealthy luck, genetics, or poor food plan, they generally have a lot to do with faucet water high quality.

Every year, there are an estimated 16 million instances of acute gastrointestinal sickness within the U.S. stemming from contaminants in neighborhood water techniques. This comes as no shock since greater than 320 poisonous substances have been detected in U.S. consuming water techniques between 2017 and 2019—a bunch of which don’t have any security requirements and aren’t even regulated by the Environmental Safety Company (EPA).

Publicity to this unhealthy stuff places a heavy monetary burden on America’s healthcare system and, finally, your pockets. The Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention (CDC) estimates that illnesses unfold by means of water have an effect on over 7 million folks in america yearly, leading to 601,000 emergency division visits, 118,000 hospitalizations, and 6,630 deaths, and incurring US $3.33 billion in direct healthcare prices.

One other research estimated a further $2.39 billion in direct healthcare expenditure when folks get sick from publicity to feces, ingesting contaminated water, or inhaling droplets, like at a scorching tub, spa, or within the bathe.

After all, components like demographics, age, insurance coverage protection, and many others., will impression the general value of your medical payments. Nonetheless, publicity to water contamination can have you ever reaching deeper into your pockets to cowl the extra frequent private healthcare prices (suppose smaller medical doctors’ appointments for gastrointestinal issues and complications, prolonged hospital stays battling varied cancers, reproductive points, neurological issues, and life-threatening illnesses like cholera, and hospital payments from outbreaks of hepatitis or parasitic infections). Plus, waterborne diseases can silently rack up numerous hours in ready rooms, inflicting lack of employment and different unlucky monetary conditions.

How does faucet water change into contaminated?

Regardless of the place your consuming water comes from—a municipality, water effectively, or stream flowing gracefully by means of the Rocky Mountains, contaminants can nonetheless pollute your own home’s water provide. What number of and what sort of pollution is a query of your water supply and if your own home is fitted with one thing to take away them.

Metropolis Water Contamination

In the event you’re on metropolis water, the U.S. Environmental Safety Company (EPA) regulates public water techniques and establishes secure limits for varied water pollution. However that doesn’t imply your consuming water is secure. Generally, poisonous ranges of sure pollution should still be detected in public consuming water provides, typically because of the following:

  • Getting older Infrastructure: America’s water infrastructure is in unhealthy form and desperately must be repaired. The community’s previous, deteriorating water distribution techniques typically include corroded or broken pipes that may leach contaminants into the water because it travels to your own home.
  • Inadequate Water Remedy: Some water remedy crops aren’t outfitted to take away sure forms of pollution from water. Consequently, many of those contaminants (some extremely harmful) slip by means of filtering processes on the remedy facility and find yourself within the water despatched to our properties—the identical water we use for cooking, consuming, and many others.
  • Cross Contamination: It’s regular for breaks and leaks to happen within the public water foremost or your own home’s plumbing system. The scary half is that it may enable all kinds of pollution from the encompassing atmosphere to combine with the handled water and contaminate it.
  • Insufficient Monitoring and Regulation: Sadly, not all water utilities and well being officers convey their A-game relating to monitoring and regulating public water provides. The shortage of oversight by many of those establishments typically permits contamination points to go unnoticed till they change into extra extreme.

Effectively Water Contamination

For these counting on non-public wells, the danger of contamination is even larger. In contrast to metropolis faucet water, no legislation requires non-public wells to be disinfected or filtered earlier than water enters the family plumbing system. This leaves wells weak to contamination from varied sources, together with:

  • Agricultural Runoff: Throughout heavy rainfall or flooding, the water can wash fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and different chemical substances from agricultural farms into close by water sources that offer water to wells.
  • Industrial Discharges: Discharges from industrial amenities might include probably poisonous pollution, akin to heavy metals, chemical substances, or toxins that may contaminate water provides if not adequately handled.
  • Human Actions: People are additionally important contributors to effectively water contamination. Whether or not deliberately or unintentionally, many people eliminate chemical substances, prescribed drugs, or family waste in areas the place they will shortly get into surrounding water sources. Equally, unintentional spills or unlawful dumping of hazardous substances can contaminate these water sources and make effectively water unsafe to drink and use if not handled.

For the reason that EPA doesn’t regulate non-public wells, effectively homeowners are chargeable for common water testing, upkeep, and monitoring contamination ranges—which frequently proves too demanding for a lot of rural households.

How precisely do contaminants in faucet water impression well being?

By now, you must have figured that contaminants in faucet water can have varied adversarial results on well being, however maybe you aren’t certain of the precise issues that may trigger. Let’s have a look at some widespread contaminants in water, their sources, and their particular well being results.

  • Arsenic: Arsenic is a colorless and odorless chemical factor that happens naturally within the Earth’s crust and, by extension, groundwater. Publicity to arsenic can result in varied well being points, together with pores and skin lesions, developmental results, heart problems, neurotoxicity, diabetes, and an elevated threat of pores and skin, lung, bladder, and kidney cancers.
  • Lead: Even the tiniest quantities of lead can have severe well being penalties. Kids are significantly weak to its neurotoxic results, which may end up in studying disabilities, decrease IQ, and behavioral issues. Pregnant ladies uncovered to guide might expertise developmental points of their unborn baby. Lead can also be linked to anemia, kidney harm, reproductive issues, and cardiovascular points in adults.
  • Nitrate: Excessive ranges of nitrate publicity, typically from contaminated groundwater or the extreme use of fertilizers in agriculture, can result in nitrites within the physique. Infants are significantly inclined to methemoglobinemia, a situation the place nitrites cut back the blood’s capability to hold oxygen, resulting in “blue child syndrome.” Extended publicity to elevated nitrate ranges has additionally been related to potential dangers akin to elevated incidence of sure cancers and adversarial reproductive outcomes.
  • Chlorine: Whereas extremely efficient at destroying waterborne pathogens, excessive chlorine concentrations could cause respiratory irritation and pores and skin points and exacerbate bronchial asthma and skin-related signs. It might probably additionally improve the danger of bladder most cancers.
  • Unstable Natural Compounds (VOCs): VOCs emitted as gases from varied merchandise can result in liver and kidney harm, in addition to an elevated threat of most cancers.
  • Prescription drugs: Prescription drugs current in water sources resulting from their use in medical remedies and as energetic elements in wastewater can result in reproductive points and an elevated threat of most cancers.
  • Herbicides and pesticides: Herbicides and pesticides from agricultural actions, rainfall, irrigation, or accumulation in public soil and water sources can result in gastrointestinal diseases, nervous system or reproductive results, and persistent illnesses akin to most cancers.
  • Disinfection Byproducts: Disinfection byproducts are cancer-causing contaminants that kind throughout water remedy with chlorine and different disinfectants. They might additionally improve the danger of issues throughout being pregnant and hurt fetal development and growth.
  • Pathogens: Micro organism, viruses, and parasites could cause waterborne illnesses, together with diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, and giardiasis. Some are related to abdomen ache, vomiting, headache, fever, and kidney failure. Many waterborne illnesses are usually extra extreme in “folks with weakened immune techniques (e.g., infants and the aged) and generally deadly in folks with severely compromised immune techniques (e.g., most cancers and AIDS sufferers),” in keeping with the EPA.

Observe: The consequences of some consuming water contaminants nonetheless have to be higher understood.

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How do I do know if my faucet water is contaminated?

Understanding what might be lurking in your water is extremely vital. The method can take time, effort, and cash, nevertheless it’s value it.

In the event you’re on metropolis water and pay your personal invoice, you must obtain an annual water high quality report referred to as a Client Confidence Report (CCR). In the event you haven’t obtained it, you possibly can request a replica out of your water utility or verify their web site. In the event you lease, contact your landlord, ask for the identify of the water provider or a replica of the report, and take it from there. Programs with 100,000 or extra folks should additionally submit experiences on-line. You could find them on the EPA’s web site.

Within the report, look the place it reveals whether or not any contaminants had been discovered above authorities well being thresholds and, if that’s the case, what the potential well being dangers are, what’s being accomplished to repair the issue, and what you must do within the meantime. For questions, name your native provider or the EPA’s Protected Ingesting Water Hotline at 800-426-4791.

In the event you’re on effectively water, you received’t get a CCR, so you must contact your water examined. That’s additionally a good suggestion if your own home was constructed earlier than lead-free pipes had been mandated in 1986. Even when your CCR says that the municipality’s water is freed from lead, it could leach into your water from the pipes in or resulting in your own home, so it’s nonetheless vital to check your water even when it comes from a municipality.

Many kits can be found for do-it-yourself faucet testing, nevertheless it’s unclear what they take a look at for or how correct they’re. The EPA recommends utilizing an authorized lab.  Some states and native well being departments supply free water testing companies, whereas others might require you to make use of a personal laboratory.

How do I take away contaminants from my faucet water?

If contaminants in your water are making you sick, investing in a water filter is an efficient method to take away them and get your medical bills beneath management. Not all water filters are created equally, so that you’ll want to decide on the best-suited one to handle the particular contamination challenge(s) you’re experiencing.

Complete home Filtration for Metropolis and Effectively Water

A complete-house carbon filtration system is a superb alternative in case you want all-home safety in opposition to probably poisonous water contaminants in your municipal water provide. Complete-home techniques can provide massive volumes of contemporary, clear, filtered water to your total family—not simply your kitchen and toilet. For example, our CF1 entire home filter system protects in opposition to contaminants, together with chlorine, chloramine, haloacetic acids, MTBE and TTHM, PFAS (together with PFOA and PFOS), herbicides, and pesticides. It additionally helps remove foul odors and style.

In the event you’re on effectively water, you’ll need to take a look at the WS1 whole-house effectively water filter system. This mannequin is designed to take away widespread effectively water contaminants, akin to iron, sulfur, and manganese. Contemplate equipping both of the above techniques with a UV Water Purification System for superior safety. This machine makes use of a strong ultraviolet gentle to destroy as much as 99.9% of pathogens in water, together with micro organism, viruses, and parasites. A sediment prefilter may even be useful in case you are involved about massive particles in your water provide, like dust, mud, rust, and particles.

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Level-Of-Use Filtration for Metropolis Water and Effectively Water

Do you solely need filtered water out of your taps? No drawback. Reverse osmosis under-sink water filters can present prompt entry to filtered water from a single supply. RO techniques use a semipermeable membrane to take away contaminants from water, together with fluoride, arsenic, pesticides, VOCs, lead, radium, PFAS, and lots of extra. In the event you want useful space for storing on prime of your sink or counter, putting in an under-sink filter will likely be a good selection, particularly in case you dwell in a small condo and want all of the countertop area you may get.

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Ultimate Ideas

Most People don’t understand how intently their faucet water high quality is tied to their yearly healthcare spending. Previous infrastructure, poor testing, and crops that may’t take away the unhealthy stuff from water trigger scores of contaminants to enter and contaminate water provides every day. Yearly, hundreds of thousands of People get sick simply from their faucet water. A lot cash will get wasted on medical visits or care addressing well being issues that might’ve simply been prevented by merely filtering the water.

Water filters are designed to remove most dangers earlier than the primary sip—pathogens, heavy metals, chemical substances, sediments, you identify it. And most filters value lower than an ambulance trip. However in fact, the choice is yours: maintain guzzling down no matter contaminants are flowing by means of dated neighborhood pipes to your own home and threat getting sick, or take management through the use of a filter to assist safe you and your loved ones’s well being and security at dwelling.

As at all times, when you’ve got any questions or considerations or need to study extra about our water filtration techniques, please name us at 800-589-5592 or message us through our web site chat.


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