6 Simple Methods to Re-Use RO Waste Water


Most Indian houses use RO water purifiers, however only a few know in regards to the unwanted side effects of utilizing one.

This isn’t shocking. RO water purifiers present dependable water purification, however they usually result in pointless wastage of water.

Must you cease utilizing RO water purifiers?


Cease worrying in regards to the wastage of water?

Out of all of the water air purifier applied sciences, RO water purification is probably the most dependable. And if your house/workplace has excessive TDS water then you haven’t any alternative however to make use of an RO water air purifier.

What if we inform you one thing that permits you to benefit from the reliable RO purification with out having to fret in regards to the wastage of water?

You simply must learn about some straightforward methods to re-use RO waste water, after which take motion.

On this information, we’ll undergo six actionable methods to re-use RO waste/reject water to scale back water wastage.

However first, let’s go over the fundamentals.

Why Re-Use RO Waste Water?

Utilizing RO water purifiers not solely offers us secure, clear and attractive water but additionally protects us from life-threatening waterborne ailments.

However there’s one huge disadvantage of utilizing RO water purifiers i.e. the extreme wastage of water. A median RO air purifier wastes roughly 3 litres of water for each 1 litre of purified water. Which means solely 25% of water is purified and 75% of water comes out as waste.

Questioning why a lot water is wasted? Reverse Osmosis (RO) purifiers use membrane know-how to filter dissolved impurities, the impure water is filtered out and is commonly referred to as waste water or reject water. The proportion of waste water varies in response to the RO air purifier getting used.

Due to the excessive degree of impurities and dissolved solids, this reject water isn’t match for ingesting or bathing.

Nonetheless, the RO waste water can be utilized in varied methods to keep away from the general wastage of water in your house or workplace.

Earlier than we take a look at how you should use this waste water, let’s take a look at some issues to be stored in thoughts beforehand.

Issues to Hold in Thoughts Earlier than Utilizing the RO Waste Water

It’s best to find out the TDS degree within the reject water earlier than deciding to reuse for different functions.

If the TDS degree of the RO waste water is just too excessive, then it won’t be appropriate for re-use in many of the purposes given beneath.

To be 100% certain, if attainable, the waste water also needs to be examined for the presence of inorganic and chemical impurities like Sodium.

Along with the TDS degree, a couple of web sites and a number of other movies on YouTube additionally counsel checking the pH worth of the RO reject water. However there would hardly be any distinction within the pH worth of the enter water and the RO reject water. So you needn’t fear in regards to the pH worth of the Reverse Osmosis waste water.

Methods to Retailer the RO Waste Water?

The simplest means could be to drop the reject pipe in a bucket. But when your every day ingesting water requirement is 20 litres then on a mean your RO water air purifier would generate round 60 litres of waste water.

Assuming you’re utilizing a bucket of 15 litres, you would want to empty the bucket 4 instances in a day. And the most important ache is maintaining a examine on the bucket, so it doesn’t overflow.

This is probably not sensible for lots of customers.

If you’re a type of then fear not as a result of we now have a greater resolution for individuals such as you.

You possibly can lengthen the RO waste pipe and drop it in a giant tank positioned outdoors your kitchen. This saved water can later be re-used for one of many a number of methods listed beneath.

You should utilize a small submersible pump (like those utilized in water coolers) for taking water from this tank. All you must do is drop the submersible pump within the tank and join it to an influence supply.

You possibly can then use a water pipe related to the outlet of the pump to attract water from the tank with out utilizing any bucket or container. A much bigger tank additionally implies that you shouldn’t have to fret in regards to the water overflow, as could be the case when you had been utilizing a bucket rather than a giant tank.

The bucket, container or tank used for storing Reverse Osmosis waste water ought to have a large opening so you may simply clear the deposits at common intervals.

6 Simple Methods to Re-use RO Reject Water

1. Wash Your Automotive

A single automobile wash may devour anyplace between 14 litres (for automobile wash utilizing a bucket) to 75 litres (for automobile wash utilizing a hosepipe) of water. Maintaining in thoughts the shortage of ingesting water, utilizing a lot potable water for automobile wash appears unreasonable and no lesser than against the law.

Car Wash

We imagine, washing automobiles each day not solely wastes lots of water however is pointless. If you’re utilizing an RO water air purifier at your house or workplace then you may merely retailer the waste water in some tank or bucket and reuse it for laundry your automobile. Water with a TDS degree of 1200 – 1500 PPM might be safely used for automobile washing. If the TDS degree of waste water is excessive you may combine faucet water to dilute it. This could decrease down the TDS degree.

2. Watering Your Crops or Residence Backyard

If you’re somebody who loves gardening or have planted some crops in pots, the wastewater can be utilized for watering your crops to maintain your indoor or terrace backyard inexperienced. This tip is especially helpful for individuals dwelling in city areas because the TDS degree in municipal water tends to be decrease.


To be on the safer facet, you can begin with a couple of crops. Use the RO waste water for 15-20 days and examine its impact on the expansion of your crops. Every plant will reply to this transformation in another way, which gives you a transparent understanding of which crops are responding higher to RO waste water. For gardening/irrigation use, a TDS degree of as much as 2100 PPM is permissible. You also needs to take a look at the share of Sodium, it ought to be lower than 60 % ( 1.e. Na / Na + Ca + Mg). Excessive Sodium content material causes lack of soil porosity and subsequently dangerous to soil fertility in the long term.

3. Wash Your Utensils

One other helpful utility for Reverse Osmosis waste water is to scrub your utensils. Merely retailer the waste water in bucket or tank, be sure to place the bucket for gathering RO waste water close to your kitchen sink so it may be used simply whenever you clear your utensils.

We discovered this convenient YouTube video that exhibits you how one can simply re-use the RO waste water in your kitchen for laundry utensils.

4. Flooring Mopping

Utilizing the RO waste water for mopping the ground is straightforward and will certainly save tens of litres of unpolluted water each day. If in case you have a much bigger home then the financial savings might be in lots of of litres each single day. If the TDS degree of waste water is excessive (over 2000 ppm):

  • Dilute waste RO water with an equal amount of faucet water. As a result of plain Reverse Osmosis waste water with excessive TDS could stain or go away salt particles on the ground.
  • Use the RO waste water for ground mopping on alternate days. It will cut back the probabilities of any stains or salt deposits.

5. Pre-rinsing Laundry

You should utilize the RO waste water for every day laundry as nicely, however please remember the fact that utilizing excessive TDS water won’t be appropriate for some delicate materials. Many of the Indian houses now use washing machines, although washing machines save lots of effort and time but additionally end in lots of wastage of water. You possibly can create an overhead tank that collects the RO waste water and use the waste water from this tank straight in your washer (do bear in mind the actual fact about delicate materials)? This tip works greatest for semi-automatic & twin tub washing machines.

6. Cleansing and Flushing Your Bogs

One other huge supply of unpolluted water wastage in fashionable houses is the usage of rest room flush. Each single flush sends roughly 5 to 7 litres of potable water down the drain.RO waste water can be utilized successfully to scale back this wastage of unpolluted water through the use of it to flush your bogs. Once you begin, all the time monitor your rest room seats for any discoloration on porcelain surfaces after a couple of days. With a periodical cleanup utilizing frequent rest room cleaners, the probabilities of discoloration and salt deposits might be prevented.

Searching for an RO air purifier that produces little or no or no waste water? Try KENT RO Water Purifiers. These purifiers use Save Water Know-how which recovers as much as 50% pure water and shops the rejected water in a separate tank.

Yearly we learn and take heed to the information of farmers committing suicide due to droughts. And there are hundreds and lakhs of households in our nation who need to journey for miles each day to gather ingesting water. If you’re lucky sufficient to be blessed with adequate water provide, consider it as a privilege.

Do your bit by saving each drop of water. These small measures can actually make lots of distinction as a result of EVERY DROP COUNTS.

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