Why Do I Really feel Nauseous After Ingesting Water?


Everytime you’re thirsty, your first intuition is most probably to succeed in for a glass of water. Water is a wonderful thirst quencher, because it’s free from all these energy and components that always pull water from the physique. However do you ever discover that your abdomen typically feels a bit wonky after a number of gulps, such as you’re about to throw up?

Let’s focus on a number of attainable causes for this and stop it. That method, you possibly can hydrate with out worrying about feeling queasy afterward.

Fast Disclaimer: This text is solely for instructional functions and isn’t meant as personalised medical recommendation. When you’ve got issues about or are experiencing nausea or different digestive issues after consuming water, please seek the advice of a licensed medical skilled.

What’s nausea and the way have you learnt you’re nauseous from water?

Nausea is a sense of being sick to your abdomen. It’s that uncomfortable sensation behind your throat or inside your abdomen that makes you are feeling such as you may vomit. You might also expertise weak spot, sweating, and a buildup of saliva in your mouth.

Feeling nauseous is your physique telling you one thing’s “off” in your digestive system. It normally happens from abdomen viruses, morning illness in being pregnant, movement illness, meals poisoning, and so on. Nevertheless, consuming water can also be a sneaky offender.

Potential Causes You Really feel Nauseous After Ingesting Water

In the event you typically have an upset abdomen after gulping down a tall glass of water, it could possibly be because of any of the next causes:

You’ve acid reflux disorder.

When abdomen acid flows again into the esophagus—the tube that carries meals out of your mouth to your abdomen, it could trigger a burning sensation referred to as acid reflux disorder, medically termed gastroesophageal reflux illness (GERD) or heartburn.

This backflow happens as a result of the valve containing the acids (the decrease esophageal sphincter) weakens or relaxes when it shouldn’t. After consuming water, it travels down the esophagus into the abdomen.

Folks with acid reflux disorder normally have already got extreme acid of their stomachs. So, as water enters, it additional will increase the manufacturing of those fluids and will increase strain contained in the abdomen, particularly close to weakened sphincter areas.

With extra acids circulating within the abdomen and extra power pushing upwards, some leak again throughout the weakened valve into the decrease a part of the esophagus. This burns and irritates the liner, which isn’t protected in opposition to the cruel acids.

The nerves within the esophagus detect this burning sensation and sign to the mind that one thing is unsuitable. The mind then triggers the physique’s protecting nausea reflex response, which explains the sudden discomfort in your abdomen.

You’ve an electrolyte imbalance.

After intense yard work or train, chugging numerous water actually hits that hydration candy spot. However moments later, you’d most likely be sorry you probably did. And for those who’re an athlete, you might imagine that overhydration will show you how to carry out higher or stop dehydration. Nevertheless, that’s typically not the case.

Your physique can solely deal with a lot water without delay. While you drink an excessive amount of of it, the surplus prevents your kidneys from eradicating it from the physique quick sufficient. Water buildup within the physique dilutes very important electrolytes like sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride, and calcium.

The physique wants a steadiness of those vitamins to keep up wholesome blood, coronary heart rhythm, muscle, and different important features. Nevertheless, consuming an excessive amount of water throws these parts out of whack and causes ranges to drop drastically. This typically leads to an imbalance of electrolytes within the physique linked to nausea and vomiting, muscle weak spot, and spasms or cramps. In extreme circumstances, signs might embrace complications and psychological confusion, seizures, unconsciousness, and even coma.

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Your abdomen is already full.

Downing a number of giant containers of water after a heavy meal is just asking for hassle. Your abdomen is already full, attempting to interrupt down all that meals, so that you’re making issues worse by including water.

Whereas your abdomen seemingly received’t explode, overfilling it causes its muscle groups to stretch past their regular limits. The vagus nerve, which handles communication between your intestine and mind, warns that the abdomen is full and also you’re seemingly about to vomit to launch some strain. This sensation of fullness can set off emotions of nausea as your abdomen alerts that it’s overwhelmed.

Your abdomen is empty.

Ingesting water on an empty abdomen may backfire. While you haven’t eaten shortly, your abdomen normally turns into extra delicate to modifications. Consequently, it could understand the sudden water consumption as meals and launch gastric enzymes to digest it. With out meals for the abdomen to interrupt down, the incoming water stimulates the fast manufacturing of abdomen acids, inflicting irritation and nausea signs as an alternative.

You’re dehydrated.

This may increasingly sound ironic, however being dehydrated could make you are feeling nauseous after consuming water. When there isn’t a lot fluid in your abdomen, the mucus defending the liner turns into thinner. With out sufficient mucus to cushion the abdomen lining, any liquid you drink can immediately irritate delicate internal surfaces and make you queasy as your physique’s method of signaling discomfort.

Moreover, consuming water after being dehydrated causes the water to enter the bloodstream to assist rehydrate your cells rapidly. This fast shift in fluid ranges can upset the fragile steadiness of electrolytes and different substances, making your abdomen uneasy.

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You’re allergic to one thing within the water.

Typically, abdomen discomfort happens because of what’s within the water you drink—not essentially the water itself. For example, microbes like micro organism, viruses, and parasites could cause gastrointestinal points in some individuals, together with nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. That is particularly frequent in these with delicate stomachs.

Moreover, some water sources might comprise chemical components like chlorine and fluoride. Whereas these substances are typically secure at regulated ranges, excessive concentrations or sensitivity to those chemical compounds might result in emotions of nausea.

Different instances, water can decide up traces of minerals like calcium and magnesium that may make you are feeling a bit queasy after consuming the water.

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You drink water whereas mendacity down or shortly afterward.

In the event you drink lots of water whereas standing or sitting upright, gravity pulls the liquid straight into your abdomen. However for those who lie flat or bend over shortly after, that water sloshes round in your abdomen earlier than settling.

Having a considerable amount of water circulating in your abdomen might trigger the water to splash towards the opening of the abdomen and set off a delicate nervous reflex referred to as the vagal response. This response protects in opposition to choking or inadvertent vomiting however can also trigger you to really feel nauseous.

Moreover, the “tummy turbulence” brought on by shifting place quickly after consuming water might confuse fluid strain sensors within the mind and internal ear. Consequently, you might expertise movement illness or vertigo signs, which can translate to nausea.

So, How Do I Cease Feeling Nauseous After Ingesting Water?

All of us want water to outlive, however typically we might really feel stomach-sick after consuming it. Listed below are some attainable methods to stop or scale back this impact:

  • Don’t chug an incredible quantity of water . Take smaller sips over time as an alternative. This offers your abdomen extra time to adapt and makes you much less more likely to expertise backflow of abdomen contents into the esophagus. Gulping greater than your physique can comfortably course of without delay isn’t a good suggestion.
  • Keep away from consuming an excessive amount of water on a full abdomen. Having a full abdomen plus a surge of water can enhance strain and the prospect of reflux. It’s higher to drink reasonably and constantly between meals. Permit no less than half-hour to your abdomen to digest a few of its content material and make house for extra earlier than consuming extra fluids. And take gradual sips as an alternative of taking large gulps.
  • Stand or sit upright whereas consuming and for no less than 10-Quarter-hour afterward. Staying vertical aids gravity in protecting abdomen contents the place they belong. Conversely, mendacity flat proper after consuming water permits simpler backwash of liquid and acid.
  • Eat smaller, low-acid meals 4-5 hours earlier than bedtime and maintain your higher physique and head elevated whereas sleeping. This helps maintain acids from flowing again into your esophagus when you sleep.
  • Attempt to drink sufficient water all through the day to stop dehydration. Filling a reusable bottle with filtered water is a good way to remain hydrated on the go. In the event you’re at dwelling many of the day, fill a number of glasses on the faucet and hydrate.
  • Filter your water. Ingesting water tainted with chlorine, fluoride, micro organism, and different contaminants and impurities might offer you an upset abdomen, particularly if the concentrations are above common. If these parts set off that post-drink nausea feeling, filtering your water is the best technique to take away them.

How do I do know if what’s in my water is inflicting my nausea points?

Ingesting toxins is only one purpose you might really feel nauseous after consuming water. Subsequently, it’s greatest to search out out in case your water is the offender earlier than anticipating a filter to resolve your nausea points.

Whereas a water high quality report will give an outline of the water high quality in your space, having your water examined at a licensed laboratory will inform you precisely what’s in your water that’s seemingly inflicting you to really feel nauseous. Often, laboratories are geared up to guage water for a broad vary of contaminants, impurities, and different high quality metrics. Buy a water take a look at package, submit a water pattern to the laboratory, and await the outcomes.

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The Finest Water Filter to Assist Stop Nausea

In case your water take a look at outcomes reveal the presence of chemical compounds, microbes, heavy metals, or different undesirable parts, we suggest investing in a water filtration system to your dwelling.

Residence water filter methods are available in all sizes and styles, every designed to handle completely different contaminants and for different functions. Nevertheless, an under-counter water filter is a wonderful selection for those who solely need filtered water immediately from the sink.

Not like pitchers or fridge filters that solely purify small batches of water manually, under-counter models join on to the plumbing beneath your kitchen or lavatory sink. From there, it conveniently outputs clear filtered water on demand.

Beneath-sink methods just like the Springwell SWRO Reverse Osmosis Water Filters ship as much as 75 gallons of fresh, great-tasting filtered water day by day. With multi-stage configurations, these methods take away a broad vary of potential nausea-triggering contaminants from faucet water. Plus, they require little upkeep—solely occasional cartridge replacements each 6-12 months, relying on use.

Springwell affords a novel line of premium water filtration methods designed to take away undesirable supplies out of your water and enhance its general high quality. If you wish to study extra about our under-counter reverse osmosis methods or need assistance discovering probably the most appropriate one to your wants and price range, name us at this time at 800-589-5592 or message us through our contact web page.

Closing Ideas

All of us want water to remain hydrated, however how we hydrate and the standard of the fluid is simply as necessary. Many individuals discover that after consuming water, they expertise gentle abdomen discomfort. This typically outcomes from consuming an excessive amount of, too quick, having acid reflux disorder, consuming water on a full or empty abdomen, or an electrolyte imbalance within the physique.

The excellent news is that with some easy changes to your consuming habits, you possibly can get pleasure from water with out the upset abdomen signs it typically brings. For instance, sipping your water in smaller parts as an alternative of gulping it down permits your abdomen to adapt to the consumption. It additionally helps keep away from consuming giant volumes on an empty or full abdomen.

Testing your consuming water for contaminants that might irritate your abdomen would even be a wise transfer. If detected, investing in a top quality complete home water filtration system or under-counter water filter might assist take away these pollution, bringing you clear, refreshing filtered water. Nevertheless, in case your nausea signs persist regardless of altering your hydration habits or filtering your water, please search recommendation out of your physician.


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