RO Solenoid Valve – What’s it, It is Working & When to Change


Solenoid valves are utilized in each house home equipment and in small or massive industrial functions.

Briefly, solenoid valves are used wherever there’s a have to routinely management the movement of liquid or gasoline.

For the aim of this put up, I’ll focus solely on solenoid valves utilized in electrical water purifiers.

A Solenoid Valve in a water air purifier is an electromechanically operated valve that’s used to manage the movement of enter water.

It permits the enter water to enter the water air purifier solely when the machine is turned on. When the machine is turned off, the solenoid valve will routinely shut off the movement of water.

The primary perform of the solenoid valve in a water air purifier is to keep away from water overflow.

A Typical Solenoid Valve

Solenoid valves are utilized in each RO water purifiers and UV water purifiers.

In an RO water air purifier, a solenoid valve is usually put in after a sediment filter or pre-carbon filter and earlier than the RO membrane.

Solenoid valves come in several rankings like 24V, 36V, 48V, and many others.

Solenoid valves are available in each AC and DC energy. In case your water air purifier has a DC adapter or SMPS, select a DC solenoid valve. If there is no such thing as a DC adapter or SMPS, select an AC solenoid valve.

Most branded water purifiers in India include a DC adapter so that you don’t want to fret as DC solenoid valves are the default selection.

Like water purifiers, solenoid valves are additionally utilized in washing machines to activate or off the movement of enter water.

How Do RO Solenoid Valves Work?

A solenoid valve encompasses a solenoid, which is an electrical coil with a movable ferromagnetic core (plunger) in its middle.

Components of a Solenoid Valve (Picture Courtesy: SafeRack)

Whenever you flip in your air purifier, an electrical present passes by the coil. This creates a magnetic subject. This magnetic subject exerts an upward power on the plunger. This power pulls up the plunger and opens the movement of water.

Solenoid Valves Working

Whenever you flip off the air purifier, the plunger returns again to its unique place and closes off the movement of water.

That is the fundamental science behind the functioning of a solenoid valve.

When to Change RO Solenoid Valve?

You have to change the solenoid valve of your RO air purifier when any of the 2 circumstances given beneath is true.

  • When the RO machine is turned on, enter water is regular however there is no such thing as a output from the solenoid valve.
  • When the RO machine is turned off, there’s a steady movement of output water from the solenoid valve.
Professional Tip

Earlier than altering, take away the solenoid valve from the RO meeting. Now open one finish (reverse to the magnet) of the solenoid valve by unscrewing it. Take out the all of the elements just like the piston, spring, and rubber valve. Clear all of them totally.

After cleansing, re-assemble all of the elements and match the solenoid valve again within the RO meeting.

Now examine if the solenoid valve is working effective or not.

If it really works effective, no want to alter the solenoid valve. If it doesn’t, set up a brand new RO solenoid valve.

Issues to Preserve in Thoughts When Shopping for/Changing a Solenoid Valve?

  • When changing the RO solenoid valve, at all times keep in mind that the score of the solenoid valve and that of RO’s energy provide (SMPS) and the RO pump ought to be the identical. E.g. for a 36V energy provide, a 36V solenoid valve ought to be used. If you don’t match the score of the solenoid valve with the ability provide then the solenoid valve will get broken immediately or after a while.
  • By no means set up the solenoid valve earlier than the sediment filter. For those who do, bodily impurities within the water will choke the solenoid valve.

I hope the above info solutions all of your queries concerning the solenoid valve. You probably have any queries or solutions, please go away a remark beneath.

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