LWZTLYLT-1P Kitchen Faucet Filter,Home Bathroom Faucet Water Purifier,Screw-in Installation


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1·This terminal filter uses traditional filtration methods to filter water. It is affordable, has a long service life, and is safe and reliable. It can filter water outdoors without electricity.
2·This filter is suitable for installation on the faucet without embedded filter, such as: home kitchen, bathroom, outdoor garden, restaurant, bar, etc., It can also be used as a filter for drinking water for petswhere clean filtered water is needed for a long time.
3·Each element of the filter can keep high efficiency filtration of domestic water for about 40 days.
4·After the service life, the filter shell can be crushed and recycled, the raw materials in the filter element can return to nature, the filter element has no artificial chemical synthetic materials, green and environmental protection.
5·This faucet filter does not need electricity. It completely relies on the flow speed of the water flow to fully contact the filter element to complete the water purification. The natural filter element material and the characteristic advantages of no electricity consumption are the environmental protection concept that our company has been pursuing diligently.
6·When installing the filter for the first time, please turn on the water flow for 10 seconds to ensure that the fine coconut shell charcoal particles in the filter element flow out. During this time, the water appears black because the extra fine charcoal particles flow out of the filter, but this is all Safe, until the water becomes clear. When installing for the first time, the interface position can be adjusted appropriately until the best sealing effect is obtained. We are equipped with additional leak-proof rubber gaskets .Directly insert the filter interface to the faucet, and both the elderly and children can complete the operation smoothly.

[TRANSPARENT VISUAL SHELL]: This simple(easy) household fauucet Filter has a transparent shell design, which is easy to visually observe the use of the filter element. The timely replacement of the minimalist transparent design makes it easy to match with a variety of kitchen and home styles
[ONE STEP TO COMPLETE INSTALLATION]: The installation is completed by directly inserting the filter interface into the faucet. The elderly and children can complete the operation smoothly.
[NATURAL FILTER MATERIAL]: Filter element is composed of natural coconut shell activated carbon, coral fossil natural zeolite, polyester non-woven fabric, natural environmental protection. Effectively absorb all kinds of impurities, peculiar smell and heavy metals in water up to 99 percent, while releasing beneficial trace elements, making drinking water more healthy and balanced.
[WATER COLUMN AND FLOWER ASPERSE MODE SWITCH QUICKLY AT WILL]:The water purifier can switch freely between water column and sprinkler mode, whether washing vegetables, fruits or cutlery, can maintain a steady flow of water to prevent splashing.
[AFTER-SALES PROMISE]:Our after-sales service is the honor of our company to defend. If you have any questions or dissatisfactio.n after buying our products, please contact us directly. We will provide you with return and exchange service as soon as possible


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LWZTLYLT-1P Kitchen Faucet Filter,Home Bathroom Faucet Water Purifier,Screw-in Installation
LWZTLYLT-1P Kitchen Faucet Filter,Home Bathroom Faucet Water Purifier,Screw-in Installation


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