What’s a Water Filter Pitcher & How Does It Work?

Whether or not our ingesting water comes from a kitchen faucet or a plastic bottle, we count on it to be clear, crisp, and refreshing. However headlines about poisonous lead and cancer-linked “ceaselessly chemical substances” always remind us that our faucet water isn’t at all times secure and nice to drink.

Possibly your water has an off-putting chlorine style, or you might be extra involved about outdated pipes probably leaching a cocktail of heavy metals and different contaminants in your water. Regardless of the case, your finest wager to get pleasure from clear and fresh-tasting water at house is to filter it.

You would set up an under-counter water filter or a whole-house filtration system. Nonetheless, when you’d reasonably skip the plumbing job and better worth tags (within the quick time period) and nonetheless get pleasure from filtered ingesting water at residence, a water filter pitcher is among the most cost-effective, most simple, and most handy choices.

Forward, we clarify all you must learn about water filter pitchers, together with how they work and their professionals and cons. And since you’ve been an avid reader of our blogs, we’ll present some helpful info that will help you resolve if a pitcher system is an effective match in your residence.

What’s a Water Filter Pitcher, and How Does It Work?

Consider a water filter pitcher as a kitchen jug that filters your water. In commonplace pitcher techniques, a filter is put in within the lid/reservoir of the pitcher. As you pour unfiltered water from the kitchen faucet, it passes via a gap within the lid, then flows into the highest reservoir housing the filter cartridge. Because the water flows via the filter, it removes impurities and contaminants and drains the filtered water into the jug, the place it’s able to be poured and consumed.

The filtration course of often happens in one in all two methods;

  • Chemically, the place filter media, similar to activated carbon, absorbs some contaminants. Carbon filters use a course of known as adsorption to deal with water. In adsorption, natural and a few inorganic compounds persist with the floor of the carbon. As a result of the carbon’s floor space is so giant, it acts like a sponge that absorbs contaminants as faucet water passes via it.
  • Bodily, the place a net-like filter traps some contaminants. The filter – which can be a bit of skinny gauze or a really wonderful textile membrane – strains the water to take away bigger impurities, like filth, sand, silt, clay, sediment, rust particles, and so on. It really works nearly the identical as sediment filters in larger-capacity techniques.

The filtration course of typically takes one or two minutes to finish, and you could must fill the highest reservoir twice and even 3 times and let it filter slowly right down to fill the pitcher. However please notice, nevertheless, that though these filtering strategies are efficient, they don’t seem to be designed to eradicate each doable pollutant. Eradicating some contaminant molecules, similar to lead, is simply too advanced for the straightforward filtration processes in commonplace pitcher filter techniques. In consequence, you would possibly notice that your water filter pitcher permits particular contaminants to go via into your ingesting glass.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Utilizing a Water Filter Pitcher

If your loved ones, friends, and pets drink faucet water, you most likely wish to make sure you’re offering contemporary, clear, and secure water. However since faucet water doesn’t at all times test these containers, you’re most likely questioning if you can purchase a water filter pitcher. Earlier than you pull out your pockets or purse, think about these professionals and cons of utilizing such a system:

Execs of Utilizing a Water Filter Pitcher

  • Cheap: The primary attraction for a lot of householders to water pitcher filters is their comparatively low value. Relying on the filter, you’ll spend round $20 to $60 for the standard mannequin. The dearer choices are often brand-name, with bigger capacities, extra superior filtration options, and different bells and whistles.
  • Compact: The compact measurement of pitcher filter techniques enable them to sit down in your countertop or straight in your fridge. They’re small and simple to maneuver round, to allow them to simply slot in any appropriate place, and sure gained’t be a nuisance in your house.
  • Handy, easy, and sensible: Due to their small measurement, you possibly can convey your pitcher when touring or buy one other to be used in a constructing the place the water high quality is questionable. On prime of that, pitcher filters are easy and require no set up. Some even filter as you pour.

Cons of Utilizing a Water Filter Pitcher

  • Much less efficient: Normal pitcher filters are nice for surface-level issues within the water, like foul odors and style, however are often unreliable for fixing extra vital points. Different water filtration strategies, like reverse osmosis, can take away extra contaminants than pitchers.
  • Longer filtration occasions: Pitcher filters can solely filter a lot water at a time. Generally, the filtration course of takes time to purify water. This is probably not a priority when you often replenish your pitcher and retailer it within the fridge for later. But when your family consumes or makes use of a lot of filtered water day by day, it may be a problem.
  • Frequent filter replacements add up $$$: Even after you purchase the pitcher, you will have to buy substitute filters each two to 4 months, relying on the model and filter. Producer directions often inform you how usually to alter the filter. You’ll wish to comply with these tips as a result of filters clogged with particulates could cease working. However keep in mind that these filter replacements may be expensive in the long term.

Do You Actually Want a Filter Pitcher?

Step one to figuring out when you want a pitcher system is to seek out out what’s in your water. Even when tastes or odors are your predominant causes for trying right into a water filter pitcher, it’s a good suggestion to analysis different potential contaminants in your water provide.

Your native water provider’s Water High quality Report (also called a Shopper Confidence Report) will state the concentrations of pollution – similar to heavy metals, pesticides, and microbes – current. Or you should purchase a water check package, gather a water pattern out of your faucet, and ship it to an authorized lab for testing.

As soon as you understand what’s in your water, you’ll must discover a pitcher system to take away them. Some pitchers remove bad-tasting contaminants, like zinc, chlorine, and hydrogen sulfide (recognized to trigger a rotten egg scent in water), whereas others take away lead. If a pitcher does filter out lead – or different contaminants similar to heavy metals, risky natural compounds, and prescribed drugs – the packaging ought to cite a separate certification mark for every.

In case your water accommodates severe contaminants, a water pitcher filter won’t be sufficient to mitigate the issue. You would possibly want a extra complete filtration system.

What If I Already Have A Water Filter Pitcher?

Positive, having a water filter pitcher is best than having no filtration answer – and positively higher than counting on single-use bottled water, which may be costly and aren’t environmentally pleasant. However that doesn’t imply your pitcher system is dependable and efficient, and your water is clear and secure to drink.

Two separate water checks can assist decide how properly the system cleans your water. The primary water check must be carried out on the unfiltered water out of your faucet. The second ought to present outcomes about water that has handed via your filter pitcher. By evaluating these two checks, you possibly can see what contaminants the pitcher isn’t catching, then resolve on what different answer may be a greater match.

Water Filter Pitcher Alternate options

Whereas filter pitchers are often simple to make use of, handy, and comparatively cheap, there are many extra complete and efficient choices, like under-sink techniques and whole-house filters. You may as well discover water softeners and UV purification techniques for an excellent smoother and extra full filtering expertise and cleaner, better-tasting, and more healthy water.

Below counter water filters

Sometimes put in beneath the sink, under-counter techniques are designed for extra in depth contaminant discount in water – excess of pitcher techniques.

Below-counter techniques are wonderful if you wish to deal with all of the water coming via your faucet as a substitute of filling a pitcher. Many beneath counter filter techniques use reverse osmosis to take away/scale back contaminants and are among the many most strong and efficient filtration options. Water filter pitchers don’t even come near the extent of filtration a reverse osmosis system offers. These techniques will tackle water high quality points, together with odd tastes, bizarre odors, and a broad array of contaminants, together with lead, chromium, and mercury.

Nonetheless, until you’re allowed to, you can not set up an under-counter system in an residence, rental residence, or dormitory. A water pitcher system is essentially the most handy possibility when you’re not a house owner.

Faucet mounted and faucet-integrated filters

Faucet-mounted and faucet-integrated filters are considerably just like pitcher filters in what they take away and the way regularly their filters want changing. The primary distinction is that pitchers are moveable, and tap filters connect to the sink faucet or are built-in into it.

Faucet-mounted filters connect on to most kinds of taps. You would possibly have the ability to swap the filter on and off, relying on when you’re pouring ingesting water or must water your houseplants. They’re one of many most cost-effective Level-of-Use (POU) techniques and are simple to make use of, however the filters require common substitute.

In a faucet-integrated filter setup, the filter is constructed into the tap reasonably than mounted onto it. It’s one other kind the place you possibly can simply swap between filtered and unfiltered water. However they’re dearer, and it’s a must to think about the fee and trouble of putting in them.

Countertop filters

With this feature, the filter sits on the countertop and connects on to your faucet. Which means you don’t have to change your plumbing for straightforward set up. However these filters could litter the sink deck and don’t work with pull-down taps. In distinction, pitchers are moveable, so you possibly can put them within the fridge or elsewhere (relying on their measurement) and maintain your sink clutter-free.

Entire home water filters

Entire home water filtration techniques deal with all of the water coming into your own home – not solely the water meant for ingesting but in addition the water utilized in bogs and home equipment, like dishwashers, fridges, and washing machines. Also called Level-of-Entry (POE) techniques, whole-house filters are sometimes put in at your property’s predominant water line, the place water first enters your property (often within the basement or a utility closet). This placement ensures that every one the water getting into your property will get filtered.

Water Softeners

Water softeners don’t filter water, however they’ve one other essential operate: lowering hardness ranges in your water provide. The necessity for a water softener may be acknowledged by a number of widespread signs, together with chalky white movies on dishes, mineral scale buildup on water taps and bathe heads, and dry hair and pores and skin, to call a number of. A water softener can even prolong the lifespan of your water-using home equipment.

UV Water Purification Techniques

Though municipal water suppliers should adhere to particular security requirements when treating water, as soon as the water leaves the therapy plant and travels to your property, it will possibly shortly decide up micro organism and different pathogens. In the event you suspect that your water accommodates micro organism, otherwise you need an additional layer of water safety within the case of a pure catastrophe, a top quality UV Purification system is your best choice.

UV techniques use ultraviolet gentle, which – at particular intensities – emits sufficient radiation to penetrate micro organism and different microorganisms and alter their DNA. In consequence, most organisms are rendered fully innocent and can’t unfold via your ingesting water.

Ought to You Purchase a Water Filter Pitcher?

All of it relies on what’s in your water, your pitcher system, and what you need the system to take away. In the event you’re in search of a easy and inexpensive technique to filter small quantities of water, a pitcher system may be a sensible choice in your residence. However keep in mind that your water might nonetheless comprise particular contaminants that the pitcher doesn’t tackle.

It may be useful to view pitcher filters as a short lived answer or quick time period answer till you may get a extra complete system to filter your water. A water filter pitcher seemingly gained’t suffice in case your water has numerous doable water high quality issues. Due to this fact, you’ll want one thing extra strong, like a whole-house filter or an under-counter system.

Contact us at this time when you need assistance discovering essentially the most dependable and efficient answer to fight a variety of contamination issues in your water provide. Our pleasant water specialists can be found to deal with any questions or considerations you’ll have.

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