The vacation season is upon us, which is the time to eat, drink and be merry. With loads of vacation events and work do’s to go to, wholesome consuming can typically exit the window. Right here’s some ideas for staying wholesome over the vacation season with out lacking out on any of the enjoyable.




Folks at all times are likely to overeat on Christmas day and at vacation get togethers. Wealthy fatty meals, too many sweets and extreme alcohol locations a heavy burden on our liver and digestion, which leaves us feeling sluggish and bloated.


Taking a broad-spectrum digestive enzyme capsule with meals is a good way to assist enhance the digestion of your meal to assist forestall uncomfortable digestive signs together with indigestion, bloating, and wind. Having some bitter meals like bitter lettuce (endives, rocket, mustard and dandelion greens) or lemon together with your meal, or taking 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in somewhat water quarter-hour earlier than consuming, can even assist enhance digestion and scale back flatulence and bloating.


So that you don’t find yourself feeling full and uncomfortable after consuming attempt to eat mindfully and chew your meals properly. Chewing is a crucial a part of wholesome digestion, and consuming too shortly and never chewing your meals properly can result in tummy upsets. Eat slowly and savour your meal.


Peppermint, chamomile, and ginger are all incredible ‘carminative’ herbs historically utilized by herbalists to alleviate extra wind and bloating. You can find these botanicals in our VitaliTEA (peppermint), SereniTEA (chamomile) and ZesTEA (ginger). These teas can be excellent to serve after consuming to assist ease uncomfortable digestive signs.




Together with some wholesome protein together with your meal together with some fibre-rich greens or salad is a good way to stop you wanting seconds. Protein and fibre helps to maintain you’re feeling full and happy, and curbs sugar cravings. Roast turkey, rooster, lamb, pork, seafood, meat-free meatloaf (nuts + tofu) and grilled tofu/veggie skewers, are all wholesome selections for Christmas lunch which can be nice sources of protein. If you happen to wish to have ham together with your Christmas lunch purchase sliced ham that’s nitrate free. Grilled or BBQ seafood platters or complete giant BBQ fish full of contemporary herbs and lemon make a wonderful Christmas meal served with quite a lot of salads and wholesome sauces. Attempt to keep away from unhealthy deep fried seafood.


As a rule of thumb you have to be having a portion of protein the scale and thickness of your palm, then fill the remainder of your plate with salad or veggies. Reduce down on energy by slicing off a number of the fats and pores and skin, and maintain off on pork crackling. Make your personal wholesome contemporary cranberry sauce, bone broth gravy, chimichurri, or mango salsa so as to add further flavour to your meats, poultry and seafood.




Steamed and oven baked veggies are the proper strategy to make your Christmas feast a more healthy one. Oven baked root veggies like pumpkin, candy potato, carrots, and jacket potatoes are all wholesome, fibre-rich selections to go together with your Christmas meal. Hold the skins on as they comprise flavonoids which can be wealthy in antioxidants and further fibre. Maintain off on numerous butter and bitter cream and as a substitute go for some olive oil and Greek yoghurt. Attempt pan-fried or oven baked Brussels sprouts with some olive oil and spices, and calmly steamed inexperienced beans, asparagus, peas, corn cobs and broccoli. Add further flavour to your steamed veggies by tossing them in somewhat olive oil and including contemporary herbs and spices, roast garlic, lemon juice, some almond flakes or somewhat crumbled feta.


Salads are supreme on a scorching Christmas day. Toss some shredded kale by way of salads for further goodness. Pomegranates or dried cranberries are tasty addition to Christmas day salads. Keep away from salads with creaming dressings and mayonnaise and as a substitute make your personal wholesome dressings utilizing nutritious components like Greek yoghurt, lemon, herbs, garlic, wholegrain mustard, avocado, tahini and apple cider vinegar.




As a substitute of serving unhealthy snacks like chocolate nuts, chips and salted peanuts, go for wholesome platter filled with nutritious snacks like uncooked or dry-roasted blended nuts, wholesome dips (hummus, beetroot or roast pumpkin hummus, guacamole, salsa and baba ganoush), cheeses, dried fruits, oven baked artichokes, olives, berries, mini bruschetta, contemporary figs full of feta, veggie sticks, and wholesome wholegrain crackers, crusty bread slices or do-it-yourself pita chips. Recent rice paper rolls, sushi, and mini frittatas additionally make nice wholesome Christmas snacks to serve your visitors. Make an enormous fruit platter for the desk for individuals to snack on. You’ll be able to serve it with some yoghurt dips.




For fruit cake lovers strive our wholesome fruit cake recipe.  Wholesome sorbet produced from blended frozen fruits is a scrumptious dessert on a scorching summers Christmas day. Wholesome fruit ice blocks or chocolate dipped strawberries or bananas are additionally nice Chrissy treats for the youngsters. As a substitute of sugary sweets strive a few of these wholesome chocolaty treats Gluten-free Cherry Ripe BallsChocolate Date & Brazil Bites, and Caramel Chocolate truffles. Your visitors will love them!




Make an enormous pitcher of iced tea with sliced contemporary fruit, loads of ice and mint. It seems to be pretty in your Christmas desk and it’s a wholesome and scrumptious various to unhealthy comfortable drinks. Attempt our award-winning Pomegranate & Lime iced tea made with Bodhi Natural LongeviTEA. Different scrumptious iced tea combos embody chilled inexperienced tea with apple juice, lime and mint, made with viridiTEA, or chilled ginger & lemongrass tea with both pink grapefruit or some pineapple juice, made with Bodhi ZesTEA. Iced teas additionally make excellent wholesome mocktails or cocktail mixers. Try our favourites on our iced tea + cocktails recipe part.




Throughout the vacation festivities our poor livers get overloaded. Aside from the plain, having fun with alcohol sparsely, you may give your liver a serving to hand by consuming sure meals and herbs that assist help wholesome liver operate. Have an excellent serving of sulfur-containing greens similar to broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, and onion and garlic together with your Christmas meal. Take the herb Milk thistle each day to guard your liver cells from alcohol-induced harm and to boost your liver detoxing. You can find this incredible liver-boosting botanical in our Bodhi PuriTEA (DETOX)


Hold properly hydrated if you’re consuming alcohol. Be sure to eat one thing nutritious earlier than you exit consuming and attempt to snack on wholesome meals if you’re out. It will gradual the absorption of alcohol into your blood stream.


Keep away from sugary mixers like comfortable drink, syrups, or candy cocktails with alcohol. These are usually not solely full of energy however they may ship your blood sugar ranges hovering, leaving you dehydrated and torpid the morning after, in the end exacerbating your hangover signs. Iced teas make a scrumptious wholesome cocktail mixer.




Listed below are a number of methods to assist ease hangover signs for those who’ve overindulged the night time earlier than. A quick strategy to rehydrate your physique after you’ve been out consuming is with a pure electrolyte drink like coconut water, together with loads of water. The homeopathic treatment Nux Vomica 30C could be helpful for treating hangover signs similar to complications and nausea. 5 drops, 4 x day. N-acetyl-cyseine (NAC) is one other useful hangover treatment. NAC is an amino acid that’s wanted to provide the enzyme glutathione, which is a robust antioxidant that helps the liver detoxify and clear toxins similar to alcohol from the physique. Eggs are an excellent hangover meals as they’re an excellent supply of NAC.


Written by Lisa Man, naturopath + founding father of Bodhi Natural Tea.

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