Frizzlife Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System – Alkaline & Remineralization, Superb Taste, Tankless, 500 GPD Fast Flow RO Filter, 1.5:1 Pure to Drain, Reduces TDS, Brushed Nickel Faucet, USA Tech


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Product Description

PX500-A Alkaline reverse osmosisPX500-A Alkaline reverse osmosis

PX500-A Water Filter SystemPX500-A Water Filter System

water filtration stagewater filtration stage

frizzlife water filterfrizzlife water filter

Why choose FRIZZLIFE?

Frizzlife Solution is endeavors to provide diverse sets of water filtration systems that deliver effective and efficient water solutions to your families and workplaces.

Why choose Frizzlife PX500-A Reverse Osmosis System?

Superior water filtration technology

Remineralization & Alkaline

Tankless design & Fast Flow

1.5:1 Super low drain ratio

DIY installation & Easy change

Gets Rid of 99.99% of Harmful Contaminants.

How it works?

Frizzlife PX500-A tankless under counter reverse osmosis water filtration system adopts composite pre-filter, post alkaline filter, and a huge high-grade reverse osmosis membrane with 0.0001-micron filtration accuracy.

Stage 1: Pleated 3-in-1 filter (ASR313) – blocks fine debris and reduces particles such as sand silt, rust and insoluble impurities. It conditions the water and prolongs service life of RO membrane.

Stage 2: High grade 0.0001 micron RO membrane (ASR313-500G) – The new-tech membrane gets rid of 99.99% of 1000+ contaminants, including chlorine, lead, heavy metals, fluoride, VOCs, chloramine, etc.

Stage 3: Post Alkaline and Remineralization Filter: Alkalize water pH level by restoring essential minerals back into pure water to serve you with the optimal water solution.

remineralization alkaline RO systemremineralization alkaline RO system

water flowwater flow

RO systemRO system

Remineralization & Alkaline Function

One of the unique selling points of the RO system is the alkaline and remineralization function. It is one step beyond pure water only towards ultimate health in long term. Utilizing natural elemental tiny stones and particles, the post-filter imitates the mineral stones under the bottom of the spring lake, restoring essential minerals and alkalizing water pH to above 7.5.

Fast and stable water outflow

Thanks to the high capacity of 500 GPD, Frizzlife tankless PX500 can serve your family with instant freshwater from drinking faucet, filling a cup of water within 12 Sec. The package has a delicate brush nickel faucet included. Frizzlife also provides a Matte black choice for the faucet (search B08PV3WP3Z).

Filter Life Monitor

The color-coded indicators will remind you to change the filter cartridges in advance. Blue stands for good while red indicates a change of filter. The 1st stage(ASR311) is recommended to change per 6 months, the 3rd(ASR313-A) stage is recommended to change per 12 months while the 2nd RO membrane(ASR312) is recommended to replace per 2 years.

super low drain ratiosuper low drain ratio

Super Low Drain Ratio

The advanced RO filtration technology of the tankless Frizzlife PX500 purification system saves up to 450% of water. Generating 1.5 cups of purified RO water will only produce 1 cup of wastewater.

Make water bills more affordableWater savingPay back the system in long term

under sink RO systemunder sink RO system

Ingenious Tankless Design

Frizzlife PX500-A under counter purifier is designed as an integrated unit without a bulky water tank, occupying much less space. It also eliminates secondary pollution due to an unventilated tank for your drinking water.

Save 70% spaceAvoid secondary pollutionIntegrated Water Board – No leakage

DIY installation Reverse OsmosisDIY installation Reverse Osmosis

DIY Installation and Easy Change

No more plumber fees! The integrated unit can be installed all by yourself within 30 min following a comprehensive installation video on Youtube and a step-by-step user manual. The filters are super easy to change by a single twist!

DIY installationQuick Guide, Online Video, User ManualTwist to change

Refrigerator RO systemRefrigerator RO system


The purified water from Frizzlife PX500-A RO filtration system is perfect for cooking, coffee & tea making, and other daily usages. It can simultaneously serve both your sink and refrigerator by using an ice maker kit. A mini tank is available now to solve pressure correlated issues.

Refrigerator/IcemakerUnder sinkBathroom

super low drain ratiosuper low drain ratio

low drain ratio

under sink RO systemunder sink RO system

alkaline RO

DIY installation Reverse OsmosisDIY installation Reverse Osmosis

remineralize RO

Refrigerator RO systemRefrigerator RO system

RO for refrigerator





Filter type

CP Compounded Filter

RO Membrane

Post Alkaline and Remineralize Filter

Filtration Stages







Filter Type

CP Compound filter, 500GPD RO membrane, Post carbonfilter

Compound PP & Carbon Filter with Ion Exchange Resins

CP Compound filter, 400GPD RO membrane

Compound filter, 100G RO membrane, post alkaline&remineralized filter

Compound filter (5 micron sediment filter & 0.5 micron carbon block)

5-10 micron PP sediment filter, 3-5 micron block carbon, 0.5 micron block carbon

Filtration Capacity (Gal. Per Day)

600 GPD

400 GPD

100 GPD

Removes dissolved solids, chemicals, heavy metals and VOCs

Lead Removal

Chlorine Removal

Reduce Chloramine

Alkaline Remineralization

Maximum Per Minute

0.4 GPM

0.32 GPM

0.8 GPM



Other Features

Drinking Faucet Included

One filter included

Drinking Faucet Included

Drinking Faucet and Pressure Tank Included

Direct Connect

Direct Connect

Product Dimensions‏:‎14 x 5 x 18 inches; 27 Pounds
Date First Available‏:‎December 24, 2020

[Superior filtration performance] Frizzlife PX500-A under sink tankless reverse osmosis water filtration system has a RO membrane (ASR312-500G) with precision at 0.0001 micron, which eliminates more than 1000+ kinds of contaminants (99.99%) from water including fluoride, chlorine, chloramine, TDS, limescale and lead&other heavy metals. The pre-filter (ASR311) greatly prolongs the service life of the RO membrane while the post alkaline filter(ASR313-A) remineralizes the pure water.
[Tankless design] With a high capacity of 500 Gallons per day, Frizzlife PX500-A RO water filter abandons the traditional water tank. It takes up less space under the counter and swipes out the secondary pollution caused by the unventilated tank. The direct water flow reaches up to 0.4 GPM@ 60psi. The system could also be hooked up to your refrigerator by using IMC-1 ice maker connection kit, providing you with crystal and healthy ice cubes.
[Easy DIY installation] Comes with filters loaded, Frizzlife RO water purification system is an integrated RO unit without a tank nor massive connection points. Fewer leakage concerns! It can be installed all by yourself in a breeze following a step-by-step installation video and comprehensive instructional user manual. Everything needed for installation is included in the package including a brush nickel faucet set! Save money from plumber hiring!
[Filter life reminder & quick change] A filter life monitor is embedded in the operation panel. Blue light stands for good while red represents for low life, and it will beep when a change is needed. The replacement of Frizzlife RO water filtration system takes only 2 sec by a SINGEL TWIST. Change the 1st per 6 months, the 3rd stages per 1 year, and the 2nd RO membrane per two years. Frizzlife mini water tank is also now available to boost up water pressure for better ice cubes.
[Remineralization & super low drain ratio] One more step beyond pure water towards healthy, the 3rd stage of the RO system could alkalize pure water by adding back essential minerals and raise the pH to more than 7.5. Moreover, the system produces much less waste water as a reverse osmosis system. By generating 1.5 cups of pure water, only 1 cup of waste water would be drained, saving your bill and water.

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Frizzlife Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System – Alkaline & Remineralization, Superb Taste, Tankless, 500 GPD Fast Flow RO Filter, 1.5:1 Pure to Drain, Reduces TDS, Brushed Nickel Faucet, USA Tech


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