AMOYSTONE 7″ Himalayan Salt Lamp 6 Lbs Heart Shaped Salt Rock Lamp with UL Switch Dimmer Cord


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Product Description

Natural negative ion generatorNatural negative ion generator

The Himalayas region was originally a vast ocean. After 200 million years of geological compression and underground high temperature, underground minerals and sea salt combined to form “salt fossils”-crystalline rock salt (commonly known as crystal salt)

Product parameterProduct parameter

working principleworking principle How does the crystal salt lamp release negative ions?

The Himalayan crystal salt lamp uses natural crystal salt stone formed hundreds of millions of years ago as raw materials. When the light bulb in the salt lamp reaches a certain temperature, the crystal salt stone will release a large amount of negative ions.

Product parameter

Crystal salt stone, Himalayan rock salt is known as the “Treasure in Salt” and was once enjoyed only by royal nobles, and it is a veritable king of salt.

(Due to the different shapes of natural salt lamps, the dimensions are for reference only.)

Material: Crystal Salt Light source: 25W Switch on: dimmable knob switch Weight: 6-7 pounds Height: 6-7 inches Width: about 5 inches Color: Naturally formed and handmade.Different colors and shapes Place of Origin: Pakistan Himalaya

Improves SleepImproves Sleep

Purifies AirPurifies Air

Prevent radiationPrevent radiation

Soothes emotionsSoothes emotions

Improves Sleep

Natural pink-orange lighting creates a comfortable space environment, easy to fall asleep.

Home Decor

The unique shape makes it an excellent decoration, suitable for display in different places

Prevent radiation

Electromagnetic waves and light waves have a regulating effect on people’s clear mind, mind and body.

Soothes emotions

The natural pink-orange light emitted by the mineral salt lamp can relieve stress and create a comfortable space environment

About salt lamps, you have to understand

Natural salt rock mineNatural salt rock mine

Yard sortingYard sorting

84 elements84 elements

High purityHigh purity

Natural salt rock mine

Natural salt rock ore, 100% natural, pure without modern marine pollutionmade by hand through 12 processes.

Yard sorting

The quality of the products is balanced, and each item is carefully selected.Give you an excellent user experience

80+ elements

Composed of 84 pure trace elements, rich in dozens of minerals and trace elements needed by the human body.

High purity

Strictly select raw materials.Select 98% high-purity rose crystal rock salt stone as the rough stone.

Product details

Natural rock saltNatural rock salt

Tungsten bulbTungsten bulb

Solid wood baseSolid wood base

Pakistan salt lamp

Translucent high-quality upper salt

Tungsten bulb

Energy-saving and more durable

Solid wood base

Solid wood base with stainless steel screws


HEART SHAPED SALT LAMP: Hand-carved Heart Shaped salt lamp is made from natural himalayan salt crystals hand mined in Pakistan. Package Box is made in China
EFFECT: The salt lamp is made of natural salt crystals, which can relieve stress and improve sleep quality
UNIQUE SALT LAMP:As Natural Salt Crystal Products,each salt lamp is unique with different pattern,color and size,you may receive one similar to the photos shown but not exactly the same.
RECEIVE:Himalayan natural heart shaped salt lamp, weight about 6 lbs, height about 7inches, dimming light 4-5 inches, two 25 watt small bulbs
SWEAT NOTES: Salt lamp is made from Natural Himalayan salt rock hand mined in the Himalayan mountains.Rock salt has the characteristics of moisture absorption and can easily absorb moisture. In a humid environment, small water droplets appear on the lamp,you can turn on the light, water droplets on the surface of the lamp soon dried up.In order to avoid water drops on the furniture, you’d better prepare a placemat or plate for it,or you can use the plastic bags wrapped up if not used long time

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AMOYSTONE 7″ Himalayan Salt Lamp 6 Lbs Heart Shaped Salt Rock Lamp with UL Switch Dimmer Cord


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