Natural Vs. Typical Tea: What’s The Distinction?

As conscientious shoppers, many people search for the “natural” label when purchasing. Whereas we all know that natural merchandise have sure advantages, the extent of these advantages isn’t all the time apparent. On the subject of natural tea and standard tea, you may ask: what’s the true distinction? What makes natural tea a better selection than standard tea, and why does it matter for you? Listed here are three causes to be ok with selecting to purchase and drink natural tea.

1. Natural means no chemical compounds. One of many clearest distinctions between natural tea and standard tea is that natural tea is grown with out the usage of chemical compounds fertilizer, pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides. These chemical compounds have well-documented dangerous results on the setting, farmers and shoppers who could ingest residues. Typical tea-growing strategies could maximize manufacturing within the brief time period, however there’s a severe environmental and human value.

Selecting natural tea, alternatively, means supporting rising strategies like plant- and microorganism-based pure fertilizers and pest deterrents, that are safer for the setting and for the farmers who work on the land. The profit to you? No chemical compounds find yourself in your cup!

An natural tea nursery on the farm of Sarath Bandar, member of the Small Natural Farmers’ Affiliation (SOFA).

2. Equal Trade natural tea is grown on biodiverse small-scale farms, whereas standard tea comes from mono-cropped plantations. Small-scale farmers promote biodiversity through the use of natural and biodynamic farming strategies, permitting wildlife and native flora to flourish alongside tea farming. Since standard tea is farmed in a method that prioritizes mass manufacturing within the brief time period, it’s grown on large-scale plantations devoted solely to rising tea. These plantations overtake massive items of land, eliminating any number of plant and animal life. Mono-cropping strips the soil of vitamins, destroys forests and leaves wildlife with no place to thrive. In the long run, that is is unsustainable and creates lasting harm to the land.

picking tea with a member of SOFA
Leif Rawson-Ahern, Equal Trade Tea Provide Chain Coordinator choosing tea with a member of SOFA in Sri Lanka.

3. Equal Trade natural tea is grown by small-scale farmers who belong to democratic co-operatives. Co-op membership and land possession empower farmers, assist wholesome communities and strengthen native economies. Selecting small farmer-grown natural tea means selecting greater than only a farming methodology – it’s a approach to assist a complete different system of manufacturing.
Typical tea, grown with mass manufacturing in thoughts, depends on the plantation mannequin – which isn’t solely dangerous for the setting, however dangerous for farmers, too. This notoriously exploitative system disempowers staff, subjecting them to unsafe dwelling and dealing circumstances within the title of income for plantation house owners.

farmer members of SOFA
Leif with the farmer members of SOFA’s Beenside Society.

The variations between natural and standard tea are in depth, and that’s only the start! You are able to do your half to assist the environment, wholesome farmers and stronger communities by selecting small farmer-grown natural tea everytime you store.
Unsure the place to begin? Take a look at Equal Trade’s full line of natural, small farmer-grown teas.

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