Learn how to Get Rid of Rotten Egg Odor in Water

Think about coming dwelling from a dreadful day at work. You draw a bath of scorching water to unwind and overlook concerning the day’s stresses. As the bathtub fills up, you scent a horrible rotten egg odor coming from the recent water. Moments later, you discover reddish-brown, orange, and black rust particles floating round within the bathtub. What the heck is happening? What do you do?

Don’t panic. Rotten egg scent in water and rust stains are widespread issues for a lot of householders. However fortunately, they’re fairly straightforward to repair. On this article, we’ll clarify the primary causes of those points and what you are able to do to do away with them and stop them from ever reoccurring in your house.

Why does my water scent like rotten eggs?

Water can typically accumulate a chemical fuel known as hydrogen sulfide, which creates a horrible rotten egg odor as it’s launched. This fuel happens primarily in well-water and groundwater and is produced by sure “sulfur micro organism”, chemical reactions contained in the water heaters, air pollution, or on account of decay and chemical reactions with soil and rocks.

1.    Sulfur-Decreasing micro organism

A serious supply of the hydrogen sulfide in chilly water is Sulfate-Decreasing Micro organism (SRB’s). These micro organism will not be recognized to trigger any ailments, however they “inhale” sulfate ions and “exhale” hydrogen sulfide, similar to we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Much like how an unventilated room can get stuffy when its jam-packed with individuals, any part of plumbing the place there is no such thing as a water move can get smelly after some time when SRB’s are current. Due to this, the SBR’s will produce a powerful odor within the chilly water at first, then the odor could subside because the water flows.

2.  A corroded magnesium or aluminum “anode rod” within the water heater

When the scent happens in scorching water, your water heater is most certainly the offender. Most water heaters include a magnesium or aluminum “anode rod”, which is meant to guard your water heater tank from rust. Usually, the sulfate ions within the water react with the magnesium and aluminum to supply hydrogen sulfide fuel. For the reason that fuel is barely soluble in water, when you activate the recent water faucet, the warmth permits a few of the fuel to flee into the air, giving off a powerful nasty scent. The issue will get even worse in case your water heaters aren’t getting used frequently. Irregular use of your water heater could trigger the hydrogen sulfide fuel to construct up at a quicker charge.

The Results of Sulfur Water

When the soluble sulfides in hydrogen sulfide are hydrolyzed in water, it could corrode metals akin to iron, copper, metal, and brass. When iron and metal are corroded from sulfur, they type ferrous sulfide or “black water.” This could blacken silverware and discolor copper and brass utensils.

Sulfur additionally makes it tough to wash your laundry. It additionally corrodes uncovered elements in washing machines. Iron and manganese, usually current with hydrogen sulfide, can flip water black and greasy. If left untreated, the water can stain laundry, washing machines, sinks, and kitchenware. When the untreated water is used to do laundry, the chlorine bleach (if used) reacts with the iron and manganese and type darkish rusty or brownish stains on garments.

Moreover, the micro organism that produce hydrogen sulfide fuel additionally produce slime, which may create favorable circumstances for different micro organism, akin to iron micro organism. Iron micro organism can produce reddish-brownish slime, which may coat plumbing pipes and might result in clogs and corrosion.

Learn how to Get Rid of Rotten Egg Odor or Sulfur Water

There are a number of strategies you need to use to take away sulfur from water. The effectiveness of every remedy technique will depend on varied components, together with the extent of sulfur within the water, the quantity of iron and manganese within the water, and whether or not or not bacterial contamination should even be handled. Earlier than going ahead with any of those remedy strategies, it’s essential to take into account the simplicity of the strategy in addition to the entire value together with set up, upkeep, and chemical bills.

1.    Iron Removing Filter Technique

The best approach to deal with and stop sulfur from affecting you and your water is an iron filter. An iron filter can eradicate hydrogen sulfide in water in addition to iron and manganese. This filter works by oxidizing the hydrogen sulfide then changing it into insoluble sulfur, which is then eliminated by the filtering course of.

2.  Add hydrogen peroxide

Performing a 3% hydrogen peroxide flush will help do away with anaerobic micro organism. To realize this, shut off your water’s heater’s cold-water inlet valve, drain a few of the water from the water heater, then disconnect the metallic hose that connects to the cold-water part of the heater.

Utilizing the basic 3% hydrogen peroxide answer (obtainable in most drug shops), pour one cup (8 oz) of hydrogen peroxide for each 10 gallons of your water heater’s capability. For example, a 40-gallon tank will want 4 cups of hydrogen peroxide or a whole 32-oz bottle.

Subsequent, reconnect the hose, then flip the cold-water valve again on to refill the tank and let it sit for a couple of hours. The peroxide will destroy the micro organism and take away the scent that they offer off. You would additionally use chlorine bleach, however the peroxide is way safer and extra environmentally-friendly.

3.  Use a correct complete home water filter

The presence of sulfur odor at solely sure sinks in your house may imply that the supply is someplace within the drains, fixtures or pipes – and never the water. On this case, a easy disinfection or flushing process could also be sufficient to take away the odors. Nevertheless, if you happen to can detect the odor at each faucet, then the supply is most certainly the water itself. Right here, a complete home properly water filtration system with a UV filter could be really helpful. However whatever the supply, putting in a complete home properly water filter that removes hydrogen sulfide and micro organism is good. These methods can scale back dangerous odors and defend you and your loved ones from different chemical compounds and microbial contaminants.

Springwell Water additionally has a terrific line of activated carbon complete home water filters that removes as little as 1 ppm of hydrogen sulfide from the water, this might be best for houses on metropolis water which may even have chlorine of their water. These methods take up and lure the fuel within the pores of the carbon, thus eradicating it from the water. The UV filter treats each micro organism and hydrogen sulfide fuel.

Why are there reddish-brown, rust-colored and black stains in and on my laundry and plumbing fixtures?

The stains in your sinks, tubs, bathroom bowls and in your laundry are a results of what’s in your water. If in case you have a buildup of iron or different minerals in your water provide, you could discover that irrespective of how usually you clear your sinks or bogs, they nonetheless accumulate reddish-brown, orange, or black stains round your drain or inside your bathroom bowl. These stains are brought on by giant quantities of iron in your water. It is because minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium connect to almost each floor they encounter.

In deep wells the place oxygen is comparatively low, water containing dissolved iron and magnesium will nonetheless seem clear and colorless on the faucet. However as soon as it’s uncovered to air, the iron turns into oxidized and leaves a strong reddish-brown stain on laundry, plumbing fixtures, porcelain bathroom bowls, and might even have an effect on your hair and pores and skin. When rust kinds in your washer, it could stain your garments as properly, leaving some white materials showing barely yellow or orange after being washed.

How do I repair it?

The easiest way to forestall iron from getting into your own home is so as to add a complete home properly water filter (WS1) or an ion-exchange (salt based mostly) water softener to your water provide.

Premium complete home properly water filters will take away as much as 95% of the iron in your house’s water provide and can defend your plumbing fixtures and water-using home equipment from stains, rust, and slime. Meaning no extra stains, discoloration, and scale in your laundry and dishes and in your sinks, tubs and bathroom tanks. Moreover, most high quality complete home water filters can eradicate the dangerous style and scent, and assist management micro organism progress.

Some ion-exchange water softeners comprise sodium, which mixes with the iron chemically, eradicating the rust from the water.


Sulfur and iron in water are two widespread issues for a lot of People. Nevertheless, they’re fairly straightforward to repair. Simply make certain to comply with the guides on this article to decide on the remedy technique(s) which might be greatest on your explicit scenario.

Should you want any assist selecting the best system, be happy to go to our web site at www.springwellwater.com or contact us instantly.

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