Can Laborious Water Trigger Hair Loss? 4 Suggestions To Strengthen Your Hair

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Are you noticing giant quantities of hair on the bathe flooring? Or is your hair infamous for coming off within the comb? Should you’re sick of shedding your locks, figuring out the causes of hair loss may be tough. You possibly can’t do a lot about genetics, however there are a number of contributing elements that you are able to do one thing about. From in-home treatments to costly salon therapies, there are methods to assist your hair progress, however you might be preventing an uphill battle in case your water is a part of the issue. 

Should you’re showering in exhausting water, your whole efforts to strengthen your hair could also be happening the drain – actually. Can exhausting water trigger hair loss? Briefly, in a roundabout way, however exhausting water can negatively have an effect on your hair, which might not directly result in hair loss or a minimum of the looks of it.

What’s Laborious Water & What Issues it Does Trigger?

Laborious water is water excessive in mineral content material like calcium and magnesium. As many as 85 % of properties in the US have exhausting water, in response to the U.S. Geological Survey, creating points for everybody from rural nicely house owners to city municipal prospects.

However what issues precisely? We’ve recognized eight issues attributable to exhausting water, together with cleaning soap scum, pores and skin irritation — and sure, hair harm.

3 Indicators of Laborious Water on Hair

  1. Shampoo doesn’t type a lather – it is because the minerals in exhausting water negatively work together with the fatty acids in soaps. The calcium clings to the cleansing brokers making a sticky strong that may be very troublesome to rinse away. This may sound acquainted as a result of that’s what causes cleaning soap scum build-up in your bathe partitions. If there’s cleaning soap scum there, you’ll be able to guess that it’s in every single place, together with your hair.
  2. Hair is dry and frizzy – it is because exhausting water truly dries out your hair (and pores and skin, which might result in points with dandruff, too) by not permitting moisture into the hair strands. Having dry hair not solely makes it extra susceptible to tangles and frizz, however it should make it thinner over time as nicely.
  3. Hairs break off on the base – this is because of calcium deposit build-up on the scalp and is what many could mistake for hair loss. The issue is probably not with the hair root, however in the brittleness of the hair shaft. Laborious water will make your hair weak, irrespective of how wholesome your follicles are functioning. 

Be taught extra in regards to the destructive results of exhausting water in your hair

Extra importantly, what are you able to do about it? We’ll now flip to the options to exhausting water hair harm and the looks of exhausting water hair loss.

4 Tricks to Counteract Laborious Water Hair Points

You may assume showering extra usually may assist, however additional showers in exhausting water may very well

forestall you from getting clear. Listed here are some issues that may work:

1. Use an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

The acid in a vinegar rinse like apple cider vinegar can take away the layers of magnesium and calcium build-up from earlier showers with exhausting water.

Combine 1 tablespoon of vinegar with 3 cups of water (or distilled white vinegar, lemon juice, or lime juice), then apply it as near the scalp as you’ll be able to after shampooing. Let it sit for a number of minutes then rinse away. This do-it-yourself resolution is greatest utilized as soon as per week to neutralize the hair harm from exhausting water, and it might probably even forestall hair shade from fading.

2. Apply Aloe Vera to the Scalp

Aloe vera is often considered for skincare, however it might probably assist shield your hair from exhausting water results too. Aloe vera juice may be utilized on to the scalp, and should you depart it on for 2-3 hours and rinse away, you’ll strengthen your hair, whereas decreasing scalp irritation. Laborious water could make hair brittle; aloe vera can restore it earlier than you comb it out. 

This course of may be completed a number of instances per week.

3. Rinse With Bottled Water After Each Bathe

Rinse With Bottled Water After Every Shower

Softer, purified water utilized all through your scalp and hair as you’re wrapping up your bathe might help forestall scaly build-up from the magnesium and calcium in exhausting water.

After all, it’s an additional step that may get costly shortly, and it’s in the end ignoring a much bigger drawback since exhausting water is damaging your pores and skin in addition to, in addition to your bathe head, pipes and perhaps even laundry.

4. Set up a Water Softener for a Everlasting Laborious Water Repair

Finally, there’s just one strategy to completely fend off exhausting water on the supply, earlier than it impacts your plumbing, home equipment, bathe expertise and hair: Make a sensible improve to a residence water softener.

A water softener is designed to be a steady resolution to your whole exhausting water points by capturing the calcium and magnesium minerals as quickly as your water enters your private home, leaving solely the softened water to journey up by means of your taps and plumbing. As soon as the media inside a water softener is on the most quantity it might probably maintain, it should undergo a “regeneration” course of to make use of a salt water resolution to flush the calcium minerals down the drain, leaving the water softener refreshed and able to take away the hardness as soon as once more. 

Meaning with little or no effort, you’ll be able to get pleasure from not solely sturdy supple hair, however silkier pores and skin, much less cleaning soap scum, and home equipment that stand the take a look at of time with out limescale build-up. 

Should you’re within the 85% of properties with exhausting water, get the issue out of your hair — actually — by reaching out to a neighborhood water professional who can consider the mineral content material in your water and suggest an inexpensive, long-term resolution particular to your wants.

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