Assist Forestall Pores and skin Issues With A Water Filter & Softener System

When small, itchy pink and white welts swarm your pores and skin after a bathe, you would possibly chalk the antagonistic response as much as one thing you had eaten the night time earlier than. However what’s in charge when these tiny, annoying bumps return with a vengeance the following time you bathe?

Whereas it could be difficult to pinpoint the perpetrator behind any pores and skin drawback with out seeing a well being skilled, it typically boils all the way down to what’s within the water. In any case, unfiltered onerous water can include minerals and chemical substances that go away pores and skin dry, flaky, and lifeless and set off signs of eczema and different pores and skin issues.

The excellent news is that filtering and softening your bathe and bathtub water can assist guarantee your pores and skin stays as wholesome and nourished as potential throughout your cleaning routines and forestall frequent pores and skin situations.

How Unfiltered Water and Onerous Water Can Trigger Pores and skin Issues

Many individuals don’t notice, however faucet water can rob the pores and skin of its pure radiance and suppleness. The issue is even worse for folks with delicate pores and skin, though what’s within the water will even decide how a lot injury it may trigger. First, let’s outline unfiltered water and onerous water to know how they’ll contribute to frequent pores and skin issues.

How Unfiltered Water Impacts the Pores and skin

Unfiltered water describes water that has not been handled to take away traces of varied minerals, chemical substances, microbes, gases, heavy metals, and different undesirable parts. This implies unfiltered water doubtless comprises completely different concentrations of doubtless harmful impurities and contaminants that may wreak havoc in your pores and skin and total well being. For instance, taking a dip in a swimming pool or having fun with a protracted, sizzling bathe in chlorinated water can go away your pores and skin dry and itchy, particularly you probably have delicate pores and skin.

Chlorine is a chemical generally added to public water techniques to assist kill micro organism and microorganisms. Nevertheless, excessive ranges of chlorine can irritate the pores and skin. It will possibly dehydrate the pores and skin and may trigger irritation and irritation. In some folks, it may exacerbate eczema and different pores and skin situations.

Chlorine can be stated to strip away pure oils from the pores and skin, which promotes untimely ageing. On high of that, it doesn’t distinguish between good and dangerous micro organism. Due to this fact, washing your pores and skin with chlorinated water might get rid of pores and skin flora that provides a pure protection towards pores and skin issues, resulting in pores and skin situations equivalent to pimples.

Lengthy-term publicity to chlorine may cause pores and skin irritations and itching. Ingesting chlorinated water damages the intestinal flora, which is essential for digesting meals and producing nutritional vitamins and different important vitamins that our pores and skin depends on to remain wholesome.

Different frequent signs of chlorine publicity to the pores and skin embody rashes, dryness, redness, burning, stinging, scaling, chlorine burns, and additional irritation of hypersensitive pores and skin from pre-existing situations equivalent to eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and different pores and skin situations.

How Onerous Water Impacts the Pores and skin

Onerous water describes water that comprises comparatively excessive quantities of dissolved minerals, primarily calcium and magnesium, and numerous hint metals. When rainwater falls from the sky (normally in a pure kind), it absorbs the onerous minerals from rocks and soil, which modifications it from tender to onerous water.

In case your pores and skin is delicate and is repeatedly uncovered to onerous water, it may end up in persistent dryness. You could end up moisturizing your pores and skin a number of instances a day, all to no avail. That’s as a result of when water comprises excessive quantities of calcium, it may change the pores and skin’s oil chemistry, hindering its potential to supply pure oils that preserve the pores and skin supple.

As well as, onerous water doesn’t dissolve cleaning soap very properly, so it may go away residue on the pores and skin after bathing or showering. When this occurs, you would possibly really feel a skinny layer of residue in your pores and skin, and your pores and skin doesn’t really feel as clear even after rinsing. However even worse, this residue can disrupt your pores and skin barrier, clog your pores, and go away your pores and skin inclined to pimples breakouts, irritation, eczema, pimples, rashes, itching, blemishes, and lots of different antagonistic pores and skin situations.

If you have already got a pores and skin dysfunction like eczema, or delicate pores and skin, utilizing onerous water in your pores and skin can set off flare-ups and breakouts and have an effect on the pores and skin in your scalp, inflicting dryness and an eternal itch. It might even result in different pores and skin points like bumps and razor burns.

Extra shockingly, onerous water might trigger your pores and skin to age quicker, says nationally acknowledged dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross, M.D. It is because onerous water can kind free radicals that injury wholesome pores and skin cells. Apart from including nice strains and wrinkles in your pores and skin to your to-worry listing, it may additionally break down collagen, a structural protein that helps the pores and skin keep wholesome.

Different Contaminants in Unfiltered Faucet Water That Might Irritate the Pores and skin

Apart from chlorine and hardness minerals, there are a number of different contaminants in water that aren’t so skin-friendly. These parts embody:


Arsenic is a chemical factor naturally ample within the earth’s crust and may be launched into groundwater below sure situations. In lots of elements of the world the place groundwater is an important supply of consuming water, long-term publicity to arsenic can wreak havoc on the pores and skin.

Analysis means that after 5 years, continual publicity to arsenic can result in the event of pre-malignant pores and skin lesions, elevated danger of pores and skin cancers, and different pores and skin modifications equivalent to thickening and pigmentation.

Different results might embody mild and darkish spots and thickened pores and skin on the physique’s palms, soles, and trunk. The chance of those results occurring is dependent upon how a lot arsenic you eat and whether or not you reside in an space the place the water is closely contaminated with the chemical.

Arsenic is principally current at excessive ranges in groundwater, which normally comes from industrial and agricultural sources. Apart from, sure pesticides include arsenic, and the chemical is a byproduct of coal-fired energy vegetation. It’s additionally used as an additive in poultry feed and a lumber preservative.


Unstable natural compounds (VOCs), equivalent to pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer remedies, and different chemical substances, are extremely poisonous to human well being. A few of them are carcinogenic (cancer-causing), unsafe for pores and skin well being, inflicting contact dermatitis, blistering, ache, fungi, hyperpigmentation of the affected space, burning pores and skin cancers, and different irritations.

Pesticides, for instance, are poisonous chemical substances that may destroy extra than simply the pests they aim. They’ll trigger extreme pores and skin situations equivalent to allergic contact dermatitis, photosensitization dermatitis, major irritant dermatitis, blistering, ache, fungi, hyperpigmentation of the affected space, pores and skin burning, pores and skin cancers, and different irritations.

Agricultural runoff is among the principal ways in which pesticides enter consuming water. Experiences in 2015 discovered that insecticides had been used on such a big scale that they discovered their means into the faucet water provide of 29 million Individuals receiving water from 1,365 utilities throughout 27 states.


Whereas chromium-6 is taken into account a human carcinogen (a cancer-causing substance or compound) when ingested by mouth or inhaled, publicity to this compound has been proven to have a number of antagonistic skin-related well being results, together with pores and skin irritation, extreme pores and skin rash, and allergic contact dermatitis.

Allergic contact dermatitis is long-lasting and extreme with repeated pores and skin publicity to chromium-6. Past that, contact with non-intact pores and skin can result in pores and skin ulceration (AKA chrome ulcers). Chrome ulcers are crusted, painless lesions exhibiting a pitted ulcer coated with fluid.

Micro organism

The pores and skin acts as a protecting barrier towards bacterial infections. However sadly, even the pores and skin itself turns into contaminated at instances. When micro organism come into contact together with your pores and skin, they’re normally unable to create an an infection – until there aren’t any cuts, open wounds, or different breaks within the pores and skin. Nevertheless, when an an infection does happen, it normally begins as small, pink bumps that slowly improve in measurement.

A few of these infections are gentle and simple to deal with with topical antibiotics, however different situations may be extreme and require oral antibiotics. Some frequent signs of bacterial an infection embody tenderness of the pores and skin and rashes. You may additionally expertise different signs like itching and ache.

Indicators of a extra extreme an infection embody blisters, pus, pores and skin slouching or breakdown, and discolored and painful pores and skin, amongst others. Bacterial pores and skin infections develop when micro organism enter the pores and skin by hair follicles or minor pores and skin breakages ensuing from animal or insect bites, scrapes, surgical procedure, sunburns, burns, wounds, or pre-existing pores and skin situations.

In the event you swim within the ocean or water with excessive ranges of sure micro organism, you’re extra prone to catch a rash, itch, or extra extreme infections, relying on the energy of your immune system. It is because micro organism, equivalent to whole coliforms, fecal coliforms, E. coli, and others, solely appear to happen in seawater however not freshwater.

Is Your Bathe Water Inflicting Your Pores and skin Points?

If you wish to know in case your bathe is spewing onerous water, begin paying extra consideration to your surrounding inside your house. Do you discover extra cleaning soap scum on fixtures and even your pores and skin that isn’t budging, regardless of how completely you clear and scrub it? Is there white, chalky residue round your taps or bathe heads? Have your soaps and shampoos (even the most costly ones) instantly stopped lathering properly? In the event you answered ‘sure’ to all these questions, your faucet water is probably going onerous.

As for unfiltered water, there are a number of indicators to look at for in your house to assist determine if it’s the trigger. These indicators embody:

  • Chlorine odor. Your faucet water smells considerably like water in a swimming pool.
  • Uncommon style. You discover a metallic, oily, or fishy style.
  • Sulfur odor. In the event you discover a rotten egg odor, it’s doubtless sulfur, a naturally occurring mineral that’s usually not dangerous.
  • A cloudy, foamy look. Many remedy techniques don’t filter out naturally occurring minerals which will give a hazy look. If the clouds and foam don’t go away over time, they could possibly be attributable to micro organism, and the water must be examined as quickly as potential.
  • Blackening, filth, or sediments within the sink. Authorities advisories and boil warnings. Native governments normally notify the general public of recognized unsafe water points.
  • Low water stress. This may increasingly signify that your pipes are clogged and corroded from sediment and scale buildup.

Whereas these indicators point out unfiltered onerous water in your house, to make certain, it’s greatest to carry out a water take a look at. A water take a look at will verify in case your water comprises hardness minerals and desires filtering and whether or not the issue is gentle, average, or extreme.

If you’re on a municipal water system, you’ll be able to ask the water provider to offer you the hardness stage of the water they ship, in addition to an inventory of contaminants beforehand detected within the water provide. You can also request a replica of their newest water high quality report for a extra complete rundown of contamination studies in your space.

If in case you have a personal water provide, equivalent to a personal properly, you should utilize a DIY dwelling take a look at package (offered on-line or at native dwelling facilities or {hardware} shops) to test the water for hardness, contaminants, and impurities.

Alternatively, you’ll be able to order a water take a look at package and ship a water pattern out of your faucet to a licensed native lab for testing. Skilled testing can detect pollution that may hurt your and your loved ones’s pores and skin and total well being.

How Water Filters and Water Softeners Can Assist Forestall Pores and skin Points

Investing in a water filtration system and a water softener is a dependable and efficient solution to decrease publicity to harsh chemical substances, contaminants, and minerals in faucet water. A whole-house water filter permits you to take pleasure in filtered water anyplace in your house, even within the bathe.

Usually, a whole-house filter makes use of completely different screening strategies and applied sciences to rid water of as a lot as 99% of chlorine and different skin-threatening chemical substances and contaminants. By eradicating chlorine, the system permits your physique’s pure therapeutic mechanisms to work accurately and can assist forestall and alleviate pores and skin issues.

Nevertheless, you’ll have to take a special strategy to fight onerous water. There are two major selections for eradicating hardness minerals out of your water: a salt-based water softener and a salt-free water softener. Whereas there are a number of variations between the 2 sorts, each can considerably scale back hardness in water as a way to say whats up to softer and more healthy pores and skin once more.

Then once more, you would possibly desire the comfort of a water filter softener twin system that mixes the advantages of a whole-house filter and water softener. With this hybrid setup, the water passes by the whole-house water filtration system to take away undesirable chemical substances, contaminants, and impurities after which goes by the water softener to get rid of hardness minerals, leading to clear, filtered, softened water.

Last Ideas

If in case you have a pores and skin dysfunction or are affected by pores and skin irritations after a bathe or bathtub, it’s straightforward in charge a specific pores and skin product you began utilizing not too long ago or a brand new meals merchandise you simply added to your weight loss program. Nevertheless, one thing in your faucet water could possibly be the perpetrator behind these pesky pores and skin issues. Unfiltered water sometimes comprises chemical substances and contaminants that may have an effect on the pores and skin in numerous methods, whereas onerous water comprises hardness minerals that will also be problematic for the pores and skin. However fortunately, putting in a whole-house water filter system, a water softener, or a combo unit containing each can assist forestall and alleviate eczema and different frequent pores and skin situations.

In the event you’re uncertain which choice is right on your finances and desires, you’ll be able to converse to a Springwell Water Options skilled to get the lowdown on the very best mannequin on your dwelling.

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Disclaimer: The knowledge on this article on no account replaces the opinions of a well being skilled. The merchandise supplied herein usually are not supposed to deal with, remedy, or forestall any pores and skin dysfunction, illness, or different well being situation. The contaminants talked about usually are not essentially in your water.

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