3 Straightforward Methods to Check for Arduous Water and Learn how to Measure its Hardness Stage

For those who’ve ever skilled any indicators of “laborious” water in your house, your first intuition is probably going to determine the steps to repair the issues – rapidly. To briefly refresh your reminiscence, laborious water often causes sure inconvenient, embarrassing and dear points comparable to:

  • Spotty, filmy dishes and glassware;
  • Ugly stains in sinks and tubs;
  • Low water stress on account of clogged pipes;
  • Increased electrical energy payments;
  • Harm to water-heating techniques, amongst others.

It’s no marvel why laborious water is without doubt one of the most typical family issues in America, affecting 85% of house owners throughout the nation.

Step one to combating laborious water issues is to check your water for hardness and measure its hardness stage. You possibly can obtain this by implementing a tough water take a look at so you’ll be able to decide in case your water is difficult, how laborious it’s, and the most effective therapy methodology to make use of. Essentially the most correct laborious water take a look at is finished by an impartial laboratory, utilizing a water pattern you present. Nonetheless, a complete water take a look at equipment will be dear and may take some time for the outcomes.

For sooner and cheaper – much less correct – outcomes, strive one of many strategies under to get a superb estimate of your water’s hardness stage.

1. Fast Soapsuds Water Bottle Check

One of many best and quickest choices for a tough water take a look at is the Soapsuds Check. To hold out this take a look at, you want a transparent, clear, empty glass or plastic bottle with a tight-fitting cap. Fill the bottle about one-third with water straight out of your faucet, add just a few drops of pure liquid cleaning soap and shake vigorously for about 15 seconds. Subsequent, set the bottle down and observe the answer.

If there are not any fluffy bubbles within the water or it seems cloudy and/or milky, your water is difficult. Comfortable water would foam up rapidly and create bubbles, and the resting water on the backside could be clear. You might have to remember, nonetheless, that some soaps are formulated with detergents, so that they lather no matter your water sort. For the most effective outcomes, use a fundamental cleaning soap, comparable to Castile. Soaps like this one haven’t any dyes, detergents or perfumes.

2. Test with Your Metropolis or Water Supplier

For those who get your water by a municipal service line, you’ll be able to contact your native water supplier and ask for his or her newest water high quality report. Many of those utilities additionally put up their experiences on-line, so you are able to do a fast search. Among the experiences will be very technical, so you will need to know learn how to learn and perceive a water high quality report.

A downside of this feature is that the experiences may not essentially mirror the water high quality immediately at your faucet as a result of the water is examined earlier than leaving the therapy facility and may decide up impurities from the piping on its option to your private home. Regardless of that, water high quality experiences can present a good suggestion of the water hardness in your space.

Most utilities report their water hardness numbers in milligrams per Liter (mg/L) as calcium carbonate.

3. Use a Excessive-High quality Arduous Water Check Equipment

A house water take a look at equipment is the best (and doubtless the most effective) option to verify your water for hardness minerals. An everyday equipment often contains water take a look at strips and a shade chart. You should purchase a take a look at equipment from a neighborhood residence enchancment retailer or a good on-line retailer. We provide a premium line of water take a look at kits that assessments just for particular contaminants in addition to general water high quality, pH and security.

Three widespread varieties of water take a look at kits can be found for buy, specifically water take a look at strips, shade disk kits, and digital testing kits. Water take a look at kits are the preferred of the three. They’re small, single-use strips that change shade primarily based on the presence of sure contaminants.

To make use of the strip, fill a container with water out of your faucet, then immerse the take a look at strip within the water. Subsequent, evaluate the ensuing shade of the strip to the colour chart supplied with the equipment. Every shade on the chart corresponds to the hardness of your water, with outcomes measured in grains per gallon (gpg). The directions will let you know how laborious your water relies on the outcome.

How is Water Hardness Measured?

Most water hardness assessments report laborious water ranges in grains per gallon (g). Nonetheless, some laboratories use milligrams per Liter (mg/L), or components per million (ppm). One half per million is just stating that out of 1 million items, one unit is a tough water mineral. Grains per gallon is the equal of 1 dry grain of wheat or about 1/7000 of a pound. It takes 17.1 ppm to equal to 1 gpg.

In case your laborious water take a look at shows or produces the end in components per million or milligrams per liter, you’ll be able to take the overall hardness stage and divide it by 17.1 to find out the hardness in grains per gallon. As an example, in case your laborious water take a look at reveals 182 mg/L, you will have 10.6 gpg. You possibly can convert mg/L or ppm by dividing the overall hardness by 17.1 to get the grains per gallon hardness.

Right here’s a easy water hardness formulation utilizing American diploma equal to mg/L:

Water hardness (mg/L) = Ca(mg/L) x 2.497 + Mg(mg/L) x 4.118

Ca = Calcium content material

Mg = Magnesium content material

Water Hardness Scale: Learn how to Interpret the Water Hardness Testing Outcomes

The U.S. Geological Survey makes use of the next scale to find out the hardness of the water. Observe the worth of the calcium carbonate in your water high quality report or your take a look at equipment outcomes and evaluate it to the dimensions under.

Classification Mg/L or ppm Grains per Gallon (gpg)
Comfortable 0 – 17.1 0 – 1
Barely laborious 17.1 – 60 1 – 3.5
Reasonably laborious 61 – 120 3.5 – 7.0
Arduous 121 – 180 7.0 – 10.5
Very laborious 180+ 10.5+

In brief, in case your laborious water take a look at result’s lower than one grain per gallon (17.1 mg/L or much less), you will have mushy water. Something larger than this worth signifies laborious water.

Learn how to Deal with Arduous Water Successfully

Simply because the take a look at outcomes point out that you’ve laborious water doesn’t imply you must sit again and reside with its damaging results. Historically, salt-based water softeners have been used to deal with laborious water by changing laborious water minerals ions with sodium ions. Whereas efficient, salt-based softeners discharge a variety of salty wastewater, which finally leads to the pure atmosphere, affecting vegetation and animal life. The salt content material may have adversarial results on individuals who require low-sodium diets. 

The salt-free alternate options, nonetheless, provide a extra environmentally-friendly means of controlling water hardness. These softeners require no electrical energy and produce no wastewater. They soften water by crystallizing the laborious water minerals so that they not keep on with surfaces, thus decreasing scaling. In contrast to salt-based water softeners, the non-salt variants don’t require you to recharge the system with salt, which considerably reduces upkeep prices.

Whereas there are a number of variations between salt-based water softeners and salt-free water softeners, choosing the proper sort all is dependent upon your state of affairs and private choice. For those who want any help choosing the one that’s most suited to your wants, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Arduous water is not any stranger to many households within the U.S., damaging nearly something that it comes into contact with. However by testing your water with the three simple strategies above, you’ll be able to cease laborious water in its tracks and take away it from your private home earlier than it does any harm. Springwell Water Methods is right here that will help you obtain that and extra, so please attain out to as we speak to get began.

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