Increasingly folks at the moment are making the change to natural meals and drinks as a result of they’re involved in regards to the well being results of chemical pesticides, GMO’s (genetically modified organisms), components and antibiotic residues present in conventionally grown meals. Not solely is consuming natural significantly better in your well being, it additionally helps shield our farmers, surroundings and our wildlife.


Listed below are 10 nice explanation why you need to make the change to natural at present.




Licensed natural meals are grown with out the usage of artificial chemical pesticides (herbicides, pesticides, fungicides) equivalent to organophosphates (glyphosate), carbamate, triazine and neonicotinoids, that are damaging to our well being. Chemical pesticide residues discovered on non-organic conventionally grown crops can accumulate within the physique and are related to a variety of well being dangers. Most of the poisonous pesticides present in or on non-organic meals have been discovered to be neurotoxic, carcinogenic, or endocrine-disrupting chemical substances that may negatively have an effect on our well being, even after they’re at low concentrations. Publicity to some of these chemical pesticides have additionally been related to gastrointestinal, respiratory, reproductive, and dermatological well being points.


Generally used pesticides equivalent to glyphosate, which is without doubt one of the most generally used herbicides in present agriculture, carbamate, and triazines, are recognized for his or her endocrine-disrupting potential and reproductive toxicity. Publicity to those poisonous chemical substances have additionally been related to cardiovascular ailments, detrimental results on the male reproductive system, dementia, and in addition a doable elevated danger for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and breast most cancers.


Selecting to eat organically grown produce will scale back your publicity to those dangerous pesticides.




Kids are notably susceptible to the damaging well being results of pesticides, as a consequence of their smaller dimension and elevated consumption of liquids and meals per kilo of physique weight, in comparison with adults. This makes kids extra prone to environmental toxins like pesticides which might probably trigger long-lasting harm.


Consuming natural can also be crucial prenatally and through being pregnant. Prenatal publicity to organophosphates has been related to a decreased gestational interval and neurological issues occurring in childhood. Pesticide publicity throughout being pregnant is linked to pre-term delivery, neurodevelopmental delays, male reproductive developmental and genital issues, developmental neurotoxicity and ASD (autism spectrum dysfunction). Consuming natural when breastfeeding can also be extraordinarily vital as poisonous pesticide residues have been present in human breast milk samples.




The usage of GMO is prohibited in natural merchandise. Natural farmers can’t plant GM seeds and so they can’t give GM feed to their animals. Genetically modified crops grown in Australia embody cotton, canola and safflower. These vegetation have been modified within the laboratory to reinforce desired traits equivalent to elevated resistance to herbicides or improved dietary content material. GM crops are proof against glyphosate. Canola and safflower are utilized in margarines, refined vegetable oil blends, and salad dressings, and may be present in processed meals utilizing these oils. GM canola and safflower meal can also be used as stockfeed for non-organically raised animals. There’s a rising concern that introducing international genes into meals vegetation might have an sudden and detrimental impression on human well being. Attributable to GM meals being a comparatively new invention there hasn’t been a variety of long-term research carried out on the well being results of GM meals on people. There are issues that consumption of GM meals might trigger the event of antibiotic resistant ailments, and that introducing a gene right into a plant might create a brand new allergen or trigger an allergic response in prone people.


Artificial chemical substances like meals components, preservatives, synthetic colors and flavours are additionally prohibited in natural meals. Some artificial chemical substances and meals components are linked to hyperactivity and neurodevelopmental points in kids and allergic reactions like complications, rashes and bronchial asthma.




The usage of antibiotics and Hormone progress promoters (HGPs) is prohibited in natural dairy and livestock farming. Over 75% of the world’s antibiotics are used for non-organic livestock manufacturing. Antibiotics are generally added to animal feed and water provide to assist stop the unfold of illness, as a consequence of their crammed dwelling situations in unhygienic manufacturing facility farms, that are breading grounds for micro organism. Over 700,000 folks worldwide die yearly from antibiotic resistant micro organism. Antibiotic resistance is basically attributed to antibiotic residues present in non-organic milk and meat.


HGPs are given to animals in order that they develop sooner and mature faster. HGPs inside livestock have been linked to elevated charges of most cancers.




Natural livestock should be pasture-fed and allowed to roam freely. Animals should be handled humanely and given a high quality of life that permits them to carry out all of their pure features. This implies no caged chickens or pigs saved in sow stalls. Natural livestock should not be saved in confined areas and should at all times have free vary entry. Natural cattle are to be bread utilizing pure strategies, and weaned in a pure stress free means that permits for the wants of mom and their younger. Natural cattle have entry to wholesome pasture their entire lives and feed tons are usually not allowed. Dwell export can also be prohibited. Tail docking of pigs and beak trimming of chickens is prohibited inside natural requirements.


The land and pasture that natural livestock are raised on should be natural – artificial chemical pesticides, fertilisers or GMOs are usually not allowed on the land, within the animals feed or inside any a part of manufacturing. Natural livestock are to solely be fed 100% natural feed, and can’t include any antibiotics, HGPs, artificial pesticides or preservatives.




Extreme pesticide use enormously damages the surroundings with a big proportion of those poisonous pesticides ending-up polluting the air, soil and water. As an alternative of utilizing dangerous chemical substances, natural farmers use pure and conventional strategies of weed and pest management, which assist protect the standard of the soil, close by waterways, and surrounding ecosystem. Natural farming is an ecological administration system that maintains and enhances soil fertility, reduces water air pollution, and promotes plant variety and ecological steadiness.


When animals are allowed to graze, and so they’re moved to new pastures often, this contributes to a wholesome grassland ecosystem. This prevents intensive useless zones of naked floor, and in flip reduces soil temperature, prevents soil erosion, improves water retention and contributes to carbon sequestration, which is the method of capturing and storing atmospheric carbon dioxide.


Artificial fertilisers, generally referred to as NPK (nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium) fertilisers leach into the surroundings and might destroy the soil microbiome.  Crops grown in overly artificial fertilised soil have been proven to have lowered ranges or zinc, iron, carotene, copper, protein and vitamin C. Non-organically grown crops grown with NPK fertilisers have additionally been discovered to have elevated cadmium ranges. Cadmium is a heavy metallic present in NPK fertilisers which may have an effect on soil and intestine microbiota. Natural techniques have excessive nutrient use and crop rotations which will increase soil fertility by pure means. Natural cereals and greens have been discovered to have increased ranges of antioxidants and decrease cadmium concentrations in comparison with non-organic crops.




The widespread use of pesticides know as neonicotinoids are having a detrimental impact on native and honey bees, and wildlife. When bees are available contact with these pesticides they poison their nervous techniques which ends up in both demise, or behavioural disruptions and disorientation which is deadly to beehives. Colony Collapse Dysfunction is a phenomenon the place a lot of the employee bees go away the hive and might’t discover their means again residence, which leaves the queen bee and immature bees behind. The usage of neonicotinoids has been banned in Europe as a means to assist shield bee populations. These pesticides nonetheless are nonetheless being utilized in Australia.


Glyphosate is a herbicide used to kill weeds. Glyphosate, which is without doubt one of the foremost elements discovered within the in style weed killer Roundup, is usually utilized by farmers, gardeners, and councils to spray public areas to manage weeds. Sadly 70% of bee hives globally include traces of this chemical that impacts bees intestine microbiome and the well being of their larvae, which makes them extra prone to pathogens.


Licensed natural honey is produced from a bee farm that follows strict requirements of natural beekeeping. Licensed natural bee farmers use sustainable bee farming practices, free from antibiotic use and poisonous pesticides that devastate bee populations and pollute our honey and surroundings. The bees get nectar from flowers that haven’t been sprayed with chemical pesticides. Apiary places have to be positioned inside a 5 km radius of any air pollution sources that would contaminate the bees. Right here at Bodhi Natural Tea we help our native natural bee farmers. We solely use the best high quality, licensed natural, regionally sourced uncooked honey in our Bodhi Natural Sticky Chai.


Research have proven that neonicotinoids can even have adversarial results on the reproductive operate of birds.


A majority of the HGPs and antibiotics given to cattle through their meals are excreted in unchanged type and might enter water sources and slowly construct up inside the surroundings. Even in minimal concentrations, traces of HGPs and antibiotics have been proven to trigger reproductive issues in wildlife.




Selecting natural produce can also be significantly better for the well being of farmers and farmworkers. A USA primarily based 2019 survey discovered that 86% of 1,800 natural farmers questioned switched to natural due to their concern for his or her well being and their households. The well being of farmers and farmworkers is put in danger after they come into contact with these harmful chemical substances frequently. Natural farmers work in concord with nature, utilizing environmentally pleasant, chemical-free strategies to develop and course of their produce, which helps shield their well being and the well being of their employees.




Nutrient-rich fertile soil along with the absence of poisonous chemical pesticides and fertilizers seem to offer the proper surroundings to develop wholesome, nutrient-rich, flavoursome produce. Critiques of a variety of research have proven that natural produce present larger ranges of vitamin C, magnesium, iron and phosphorus, and protecting antioxidant phytochemicals (anthocyanins, flavonoids and carotenoids) in comparison with non-organic varieties. A current examine revealed within the British Journal of Diet discovered that antioxidant compounds equivalent to flavonoids and carotenoids in natural vegetables and fruit ship 20-40% increased antioxidant exercise in comparison with non-organic vegetables and fruit.


Organically grown meat additionally has dietary advantages over conventionally grown meat.  Animals which might be allowed to graze on pasture have increased heart-healthy polyunsaturated fat and omega-3 important fatty acids of their meat in comparison with feed-lotted animals.




The tea plant, camellia sinensis, and herbs take in pesticides readily, so selecting to drink an authorized natural tea will be sure that your wholesome cuppa is free from any traces of poisonous pesticides. It’s notably vital for individuals who prefer to drink just a few cups, or extra, of tea every day, the place a build-up of those damaging chemical substances can happen. Right here at Bodhi we solely use the best high quality, 100% licensed natural teas, herbs and spices in our wellness tea blends. We fastidiously supply our elements from licensed natural tea farms right here in Australia and across the globe. Bodhi teas are licensed natural with Australian Licensed Natural (ACO), which is probably the most revered, strictest + most thorough natural meals regulatory program in Australian and internationally.


Written by Lisa Man, naturopath + founding father of Bodhi Natural Tea.

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